Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Of 2016.


Hello, 2017. It has been quite a while since 2017 is with us, but due to time restraint, this is my first time of blogging in this new year.

2016 has been quite a year for me. From January to December, either with friends or family members, either with assignments and lecturers, and mixture of feelings that blended very well, with spices of lessons that enhanced the taste of life - everything had been so great.

Overall, I am very glad to reminisce the days of 2016, which some of them might not be forgotten from my memory forever.

January 2016 began with a nice trip of me, together with my parents and my sister Mayyah, to my brother Ijat's house at Langkawi. It was amazing that it was the first time I enjoyed cable car ride with Mak, and spent Ayah's birthday at Langkawi together with the siblings :)

February, March and April and even May 2016 had been super busy months for me, as a final year law student. With the usual and regular type of assignments, tutorial questions, and additional of oral and written submissions for legal practice subjects, as well as file submissions according to datelines.
It was a new experience in new ambient as I had not been that busy ever since my first day at law school. Law school had been busy with reading all the materials; statutes, legal textbooks, encyclopedia, journal etc, but the business of a final year student was much more than that :'D (some stories about a 4th year law school stud can be read here -> http://maryam-kamal.blogspot.my/2016/04/cakap-siang-pandang-pandang-d.html )

On May 2016, my family and I were surprised with an incident. Again, I went to Langkawi to facilitate Ijat and his family, who had lost their youngest newest baby in the family. He named her #AisyahNurJannah, and it was a reflection trip for me. The baby bump of my sister in law that I saw back then in January, was no longer there, and we did not have the opportunity to even see the baby's face, as she was kept eternally very quickly. Only Ijat was able to at least kiss and have her in his embrace. Langkawi is never the same anymore. It is now a land that keeps a precious body of our family member, who we are yet to meet. Looking forward to see you in Jannah, Aisyah. Insha ALLAH :') [story about our beloved Aisyah can be read here -> http://maryam-kamal.blogspot.my/2016/05/tarik-aku-sama-denganmu.html ]

Of 2016, June was the month of fasting (Ramadhan) and July was the Eid (Syawal). We spent nice time together as family, in celebrating both holy months. After the Raya, my university classmates and I went to Penang to attend some friends' wedding. It was indeed a very precious memories with my friends. We had really good times together, and those moments will always be cherished by me :)

August 2016, another achievement unlocked for me myself. I drove by myself all the way from Pasir Mas to Kuala Perlis, via the scary Grik route haha. It is known to be a challenging route even for senior drivers, whatmore for a 4-5 years of experience driver like me myself.

It was actually Ayah's idea, which then agreed by Mak, so I put my trust to me myself, as they seemed to believe in me so much. And yes, like they opined, alhamdulillah I successfully and safely drove me myself, and Mayyah there. We then got on the ferry to Langkawi, which later picked up by Ayah who was already there, taking a flight from KL. (story about this journey can be read here -> http://maryam-kamal.blogspot.my/2016/08/pasir-mas-kuala-perlis-another.html )

August also usually meant for #PercutianGadisOgos for Scha, Fiq and me myself. Past three years, we went to PCB and on 2015, we went backpacking to Penang. For 2016, we suggested many places (as usual) but they ended up agreeing with me who stubbornly wanted to hike Bukit Keluang, Terengganu. Together with some other ex-classmates of our alma mater, Maahad Muhammadi (P), we did hike Bukit Keluang, picnic at its beach and later spent our night there, enjoying the food and beach which were so nice, and we could not ask for more! Indeed the time spent with these #FiqSchaYam girls was so memorable, plus with the girls of MMP whom I had not met for quite some time. (story about this trip can be read here -> http://maryam-kamal.blogspot.my/2016/08/percutian-gadis-ogos-30-bukit-keluang_26.html )

Aidiladha was then celebrated on September 2016, and as usual, my family and I had nice time celebrating it together. (story for Aidiladha can be read here -> http://maryam-kamal.blogspot.my/2016/09/aidiladha-1437h-nati-mari-semula-deh.html )

A bit later after that, I visited Syahirah, a close friend of mine when I was in matric center back then in PJ, who is majoring in Medicine, so her faculty is located at IIUM Kuantan instead of Gombak. She brought me for sightseeing of Kuantan. Though only in short time, we had fun together, provided the fact that we had not met each other since past 3-4 years. I am very lucky to have her in my life, a friend who always sees and highlights many positive things in me when I could not see any.

On October, again, I went to Langkawi. This time, a family trip with the whole family members, including my eldest brother, Abang Mat and his family, as well as Kak Tie and her family. All 5 of us - the siblings, with both of our parents, including Ayah's maternal aunty, paid a visit to Ijat's house and we were blessed with so much fun. After all, bonding and spending time together were the main key, so anything we did actually did not really matter. But being at picturesque Langkawi, great  activities indeed brought us closer, such as the adventurous island hopping, not to mention the compulsory numerous times of visit to Haji Ismail Group :'D

Fiq also had her #PreConvo shoot at Bukit Tinggi on that October. It was an impromptu idea of mine to bring her all the way from Gombak to Bukit Tinggi. The place was well-known to be nice but I had never been there. She also. So we two, together with Scha, enjoyed and had our really nice time up there. Not only capturing pictures with good views, but also capturing moments with good memories. It was short; only a half day trip, nevertheless I couldn't be thankful more for the beautiful time we spent together as #FiqSchaYam.

It was November back then when my favorite senior in law school, Kak Khairunnisa who I dearly call as Kak Krun, had her first graduation. It was for her LLB, and this year for her LLBS, we will be graduating together in the same graduation ceremony, as I will be graduating as a LLB as well. Nevertheless, the past November was for her LLB, and I was super happy to see her prettily in the robe that suited she really well. She had been a very nice and amazing senior of mine, from my first day in matric, all the way until I am in my final year LLB. In fact, she is willing to help me for my LLBS as well, though it is yet to begin. Only ALLAH knows how much this lady has helped me with, which me myself cannot afford to pay all her kindness. May ALLAH bless her with everything she wants in her life. Aamiin. Congrats, akak! :3

And the last month of the year came. December. It indeed brought a lot of things as closing of 2016. On 1st and 2nd day of December, I had two trials to attend, in a row. 1/12 was my last trial for Civil Procedure II, as a final year student. The next day, we were up for Criminal Procedure's mock trial, which both had been done successfully, I guess. And I am very thankful for being blessed with good group members throughout this last semester of LLB in IIUM.

Next, Aisya Medina bt Mustaqim, Nadia Amilin's newborn baby came to the world on 5th, and she is the living proof that you can be really strong in facing things, when being strong is the only option you have. #FiqSchaYam have known some of the stories of Nadia, a very close friend of ours since our school days, struggling with her life as a Medic student as well as a young wife, and the eldest daughter to a big family. She handled her life excellently, and the source of the strength seems to be the little Medina. May you grow up to be a fine, and even stronger lady like your Ibu, Medina sayang!

And December was the most memorable month to me, when Kak Tie left her #AdamMujahid to me, to be taken care of, while she was away with her hubby, BangNaim and our parents to perform umrah. To stabilize my life as a final year final sem student, and to take care of Adam Mujahid who seemed to miss his parents a lot, I struggled a bit.

Luckily, Abang Mat and his family, as well as Mayyah were there as well to assist me, thus I was very grateful. Our bond was also being strengthened, we also learnt a lot of things and lessons together from this matter, and I saw that as blessing in disguise. Cant be thankful enough for all the hikmah that I was allowed to see through.

 There it was, how I spent my 2016. Happiness, with numerous trips to Langkawi. Thrilled with the adventure of life, the lost of Aisyah, and the usual hardships of a student of law school. I would happily remember those things, that taught me many things of life lessons.

For these opportunity to feel all these different feelings, I cannot thank ALLAH enough. He allowed me to experience new things I have not before, and blessed me with His endless rezeki and rahmah.

May 2017 bring a better me, so that I can serve better than the best not only to Him The Almight, but to the people around me as well, insha ALLAH.

Wallahu'alam, wassalam.

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