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AIDILADHA 1437H :"Nati mari smula deh..."


Alhamdulillah, this year around, I managed to come back home celebrating the Eid with BangMat's family, so need not to worry about the transportation and such. BangMat drove me home, and drove me back to KL as well.

As Aidiladha is a celebration of sacrifice, Ayah, BangMat and Kak Aimi decided to do 'qurban' this year. So, in our house, we had tens of kilograms of meat that had being sacrificed. Mak said, the daging shall be divided into three portions, one is to be given to the poor people, one if to be given as gift (which may include relatives and neighbours) and one portion is for our personal consumption, which is to be eaten at home.

So, as for to be given to the poor people and to be given as gift, usually Mak will ask Ijat to go and distribute them. However this year, Mak asked me instead. So I went to few houses, and one last house was the one that was nearest to my house.

It was a house of an old lady that I call as Mek Nab. She lives alone in her house since her husband's death, but practically she is living with her child and grandchildren as her house is attached to theirs. She seems to refuse to leave her house empty, probably because it is the house that keeps millions of memories of hers with her late husband.

So I went to her house, gave out my salam and knocked her door. There was a padlock at the grill, however it was left unlocked. Later I heard a voice from inside, asking who am I.

"Maryam, anak Cikgu Yah depan masjid." as usual, I introduced myself. She may not know me, but she will know my mother. The daughter of Imam Hj Harun, who once the imam of the Masjid Besar Pasir Mas, the masjid in front of our house where we are residing right now.

"Oh. Masuk, masuk. Mek tak koci tuh." she invited me in. I pushed the door slowly, after pulling the steel grill.

It was dark inside, no light was on, except the light from the television that she was watching, airing the takbir raya. She sat on the cushion before the TV and with her eyes getting smaller identifying me, I smiled.

"Mek kenal ambo dok?" I approached her.

"Mung ni adik Marye ko, anok bongsu Cikgu Yah?" she asked. I was astonished. Amazed. Amused. With her strong memory towards me.

"Ho, mek. Ambo la tu."

"Weh laaa besar doh mung. Jame kecik mulo mari ngaji nga mek, pahtu bbeli di keda mek nuu." she referred to the small coffee shop she used to operate before with her late husband.

"Mek, ni Mak buwi daging sikit." I gave her the plastic that was in my hand. She took it, and looked back at me,

"Pah Mek nak wi gapo la ko mung nihh."

I smiled.

"Takpo, Mek. Takdok wi apo-apo heh. Kalu Mek nak wi pun, Mek doa jah ko ambo wi bulih ngaji molek-molek." I humbly voice out that to her, to which she quickly cupped her hand and recited doa for me, right away at that moment. Laju-laju aku aminkan dalam hati, moga mustajab doa guru ngajar Quran aku ni. Syahdu ooi.

"Kedai bukok lagi ko loni mek?" I asked, changing the topic. How I remember the happiness of buying the sweets and snacks sold at her shop back then.

"Dok dohh. Mek tok chekak doh. Sakit lutut!" she replied, still with a smile. I was touched, indeed. And left speechless to see her endless smile to me.

"Mek saye benar la ko mug, duk nanyo sokmo kabar mung ko Cikgu Yah. Ni besar doh ni, jare mari rumoh mek." she complained to me. I laughed guiltily. I knew that. She then asked me to sit at the table to enjoy some food and she wanted to stir some water for me, to which I had to refuse.

"Ambo keno kelik mek, takut Mok suruh gi ngata daging pulok. Banyok kakloh lagi tu bokalih." Indeed, we had lots of meat to be distributed.

She stared me, with teary eyes, suddenly. I pat my hand on her shoulder, understood her sudden sadness.

"Nati mari semula deh. Ttiko x lorat, mari semula rumah Mek. Nanti Mek buat air deh." she said.

"Mek teringat benar la ko mung. Jame kecik mulo...." and she began recalling all my childhood stories, to which some of them I didnt even remember myself.

"Berair mato Mek..." she said, with a low, sad voice. And she wiped her eyes diligently, didnt want them to be exposed to me. Little did she knew that me myself was crying hard inside.

"Smula deh ambo mari, mek." I excused myself. I had to, even I didn't want to stop her excitedness.

"Mari dehhh." she said it again. And I nodded my head.

And I promised myself to come back to her house later, when Raya mood is no longer there, so we wont be busy anymore, so we can talk freely as much as we want.


But - I broke that promise. I did not come back to her house. I did not make it back to her house. She was left alone when I closed the door that day, and she was left in the dark, watching the bright TV alone - enjoying the takbir raya.

I didnt come back to her house, on the ground that I thought myself was maybe a little bit busy. An omit which I regret crazily, until this moment.

I really hope she is being healthy and well taken care of by her relatives. She will be fine, until I come back later. Wait for me, deh, Mek Nab?


Salam Aidiladha 1437.
Harganya sebuah perngorbanan.

[ MatRiYer daripada Yam dan BangMat serta anak-anak BangMat termasuk Iqbal yang mabuk darah lemah longlai jiwa raga tatkala melihat lembu kena sembelih dan darah bersembur keluar :'D ]

Wallahu'alam, wassalam.

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