Sunday, March 13, 2016


So today I went to PCD's engagement ceremony. It turned that his fiancee is someone I know, an acquaintance from UIA. Well I don't have any problem with that, in fact I am glad to know that he is engaged with a nice girl that I know :)

As he has been recognized personally by me as one of my brothers (we got close when we grow older, especially when both of my siblings brothers got married), so yeah - there is - maybe a little - sadness. You know, the feeling when one of your siblings, or you may say - any close person to you is getting married. Feel of being left out. Haha but no worries - it will go as time passes. Furthermore, he is happy, so why shouldn't I as well, kan? :)

What concerns me more is when I was witnessing the ceremony. Abah (PCD's father that even we the nieces and nephews call him Abah) and Qistina's father were discussing about the upcoming wedding ceremony. The talks between the elders in an official event was something new for me. The fathers were so happy and eager to talk about their son and daughter, and the mothers listen very well and carefully to ensure that everything is going as planned.

I am sorry if I went overboard, but once - I thought of Ayah, who at that time was on his way to KL for a visit. How I wish that one day he will be sitting at Qistina's father's place, discussing my future thoroughly with the father of a guy that he would entrust me to. I am pretty sure, handing a full-grown daughter that you have been taking care for more than 20 years, over someone who is quite stranger would not be an easy thing to every father in the world.

And at that moment, quickly I realized, it is not only the existence guy that is marrying me that matters, but also, more than that, the presence of Ayah (and Mak, as well as other dear family members) during special and important day for me is also something that will concern me.

Semoga Ayah dan Mak panjang umur, to witness - and even before that, to be the persons who I will share everything about him from the very beginning till the very end. Semoga sihat dan bahagia selalu, so that I can always be healthy and happy as well, with them. Insha ALLAH.

PCD dan Qistina, tahniah. A closer step insha ALLAH. Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan pada masa mendatang :)

Wallahu'alam, wassalam.

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