Friday, November 01, 2013

Beautiful Ikmal.


"Che Sue balik rumah Mok! Jangan datang rumah Mai lagi! Balik sekolah Che Sue! Jangan datang rumah Mai!"

He yelled so to me, sadly, before hiding his face at the cushion, and crying out loudly there.

I acted like I heard nothing, kept on playing with Izz Zara. And he shouted the same things few times, repeatedly, before he himself stopped.

The yell that he shouted to me was a counterattack, after I scolded him for playing too rough with little Izz Zara, which I afraid the almost-3-months baby girl could not bear to.

Few minutes passed, and Izz Zara already fell into asleep. I sat still, and looked at him, who still had some tears to burst to. I waved my hand to him, asking him to come to me, though I did not expect he will, due to his anger to me.

But he came. Quite quickly, he rushed to me and jumped on my lap, put his head on my shoulder and rounded my neck with his small arms, while my hands were on his back. The little guy who shouted to me a moment ago, hugged me!

It was a very beautiful moment. With a soft and low voice, I asked him,

"Betul Mal nak Che Sue balik rumah Mok?"

His head was shook left and right. I could not see, but I could feel that head was moving on my shoulder.

"Betul Mal nak suruh Che Sue balik sekolah Che Sue?"

Again, my shoulder moved, due to his head's movement, left and right.

"Betul Mal tak nak bagi Che Sue balik rumah Mal lagi?"

Again, he shook his head. This time, with a small little cute voice.


I then kept my mouth silent, but my hand was moving up and downwards his back. Few seconds, it was quiet between us.

"Che Sue janganlah marah Mal."

He asked me so. With a very sad tone, like I had burst my anger to the maximum when I scolded him a few moments ago. I reflected myself quickly. What had I done to the such little boy? Was he hurt too much?

I just nodded my head, and kept my hands moving on his back. I would like him to feel the love that I tried to give through the touch.

What a beautiful moment.
What a beautiful baby.
What a beautiful boy.
What a beautiful Ikmal.
What a beautiful feeling.
What a beautiful ambiance.
What a beautiful scenery.

As for that,
that is how I define beautiful ^^


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