Friday, November 01, 2013

A memory lane.

I barely could remember when was the last time I met him. I barely could remember when was the last time I spoke to him, or he spoke to me. And I barely could remember how he looked like, back then.

It was perhaps 10 years ago. Or to not to be exaggerate, maybe only 8 years. Or something like that. But basically, as far as I remember, I did not see him anymore after I went to high school.

There was no much memory to be reminisced. No much memory to be refreshed. To be recalled. To be remembered. Not because I don't want to, but I can't to. No Facebook to be stalked to, neither any photo to be looked at to. Nothing. Just merely few images in the brain who has been aging for 8-10 years since back then.

He was the eldest son in the family. My eldest maternal uncle. But due to some unavoidable circumstances, as fated, we separated. He went to stay with his son at Johore, while the rest of his siblings are all domiciling in Kelantan.

And no more meeting after that. No more direct communication. Just got info about him through his son, from year to year. 

And we stayed so, until the morning I got the text from Mak, informing me that he has gone. He has been taken back to his Creator. Luckily when he was in the hospital at Johore, Mak, Cik Pah and Ayah Jem were given opportunity to pay him a visit, though he was unconscious in ICU. Two days after Mak came home, he left this world, to another world. 

Like he was just waiting to meet his siblings, before he departs from this world. Like he was waiting for the reunion. Like that, at least, from my eyes.

Dearest Ayah Yem, 
the one who I will always remember,
though I could not anymore remember properly the whole things about you, 
still, I thank God, for giving me such chance to know you.
To have you as my uncle.
To be a part of your family members.
To experience the moments with you.
Alhamdulillah, 'ala kulli haal wannikmah.

May ALLAH bless you.
May ALLAH protect you.
May ALLAH grant you His forgiveness.
May ALLAH put you among the good people.
May ALLAH put you in good place there.
May you happy there.

Semoga ketemu di sana nanti,
dalam situasi yang lebih indah,
insha ALLAH jika diizinkanNya.


Ibrahim bin Haji Harun dalam kenangan.
9 pagi, 30 Oktober 2013.


Wallahu'alam, wassalam~

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