Tuesday, July 23, 2013

To you whom I have never met.


** AMARAN : entri ni takde kaitan dengan quote 'kepada bakal imamku yang belum lagi aku jumpai' atau 'kepada empunya tulang rusukku yang tidak pernah aku temui' yaa. Has nothing to do with that. At least, not yet. Hee ;D **

~ ~ ~

I have never met her. I have never felt her touch. I have never talked to her. I don't really know what kind of lady she was. People don't really talk about her. Not too much. I just barely remember her name, but I could not know how she was. I don't even know what to call her, as I never have any chance to call her, since she left the world before I was born.

 But I know, she was a great lady. Because of her, many great persons were born. One of those great person, is my mum.

My dearest late maternal grandmother,
May you are in peace 'there',
I just wanted to say this.

Thank you.
On July 23, 1956,
Approximately 57 years ago,
Thank you,
for giving birth to a great lady.
For giving birth to an awesome mummy.

Thank you.

Till we meet someday.
Of course, 'there'.
I'll be joining you any soon.
Others as well.
As life is not endless.


~ ~ ~

Dearest Mak,
Happy Birthday.

Hee Mak dah tua :D
Nanti tak lama lagi adik kasi menantu bongsu eh.
Eh eh eh? ;)

Thank you for being a great mummy.
Sorry for not being a great baby.
Baby, gitu ha ;D

May ALLAH bless you in every step you make.
May ALLAH bless you in every breath you take.

Stay healthy, mummy.
And not to forget,
stay wealthy! :D

Saranghae, omma ! ^^

~ ~ ~

Wallahu'alam, wassalam.

p/s : July 21st was Kak Nori's birthday. Sanah Helwah to you too, Ukhti! ^^

p/p/s : Dah mak, jangan nenangis @ syahdu lepas baca entri ni. You know who you are in me, mummy. Gitu ha ;D

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