Friday, March 01, 2013

From Ruqayyah to Ameenah


It has been a month since I registered myself into UIA Gombak. Alhamdulillah, everything goes smoothly. Well, smoothly as in there's nothing more than my ability can handle, happens. I guess, classes from 8-5 averagely, daily, is not a big deal for university student.

But the only thing that matters is the distance of my mahallah with my kuliyyah. It turns that I was placed at Mahallah Ruqayyah, which I believe it is more than 1 kilometer from my kuliyyah. In short, I had to walk about 2km everyday, to go to and back from classes. YES, I am very tired with that! :(

I tried every way that I can to reduce my burden. Well, it was a burden for me to walk for almost half an hour to reach my class, and if the class ended 3 or 4 pm, or even at 5 pm, I have to walk under the bight shining sun that will get my clothes soak into sweat.

I applied for changing of mahallah, and alhamdulillah my application, as well as Mira's (roommate at Ruqayyah) were a success. We then moved to a nearer mahallah, named Mahallah Ameenah which is located nearer to the kuliyyah. And the rest is history.

I was comfortable enough when I was staying in Ruqayyah. The building is new, the facilities are perfect, the scenery is gorgeously awesome, and the ambience of the room itself gives me a sense of comfort. Unfortunately, due to the distance problem, I have to move to Ameenah.

Ameenah has its own charm, by the way, though I have to share my compartment with another person. A compartment is big enough to locate two persons with abundant of stuffs like Mira and I :D The toilet, drying yard as well as sink are in the room itself, so we need not to go out frequently. It is nice, in conclusion. I just have some discomfort with compartment problem, because I prefer to stay alone in my compartment, like I used to, in my room back in Ruqayyah. And, I get the sense that Ameenah's administration seems to be more strict, compared to Ruqayyah's. Well, that's understandable because Ameenah is fully occupied by sisters, so the rules and registration, as well as the administers must be more serious in handling discipline cases among the residents.

Luckily, our another two new roommates in Ameenah are nice Engineering seniors. They are second year students who has the sporting heads like ours. We can get along together, I guess. Well, it's hard to say too much now, because I barely just spent a night at Ameenah. There are lot of things to be explored more.

Living as a university student really will test your patience. I, many times, had gone into thinking of dropping certain subject, even up to the level I wish I can change my course. Who said Laws is easy? It requires a lot of readings, as well as high level of patient. To make it harder, try taking Shari'ah. It will test your heart more. Feeling disappointed, as well as demotivated, are not good. But I always feel so.

Luckily, ayah has notified me about this things, earlier. He gave me many words of wisdom, that I can refer to when I am in need of those courage. Put ALLAH as the ultimate intention of why I am studying now. Be patient to learn the law that has been prescribed by ALLAH. Life is never easy. Studying is not easy, but results of not studying will be much harder than the hardness of studying. And alhamdulillah, by recalling such sentences, I can put some calm into my heart, alhamdulillah :)

Many things are waiting ahead, I need to get myself well prepared with those tribulations. Do well, people. Pray for me and my life, as well! :)


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Maryam Azman said...

awok, awok pindoh doh ko? aloh, jauh doh la kito, sobs, ha3. sayo naek bas jah awok hari2 gi nga balik kelas, ok jah, cumo kade2 tu lambat la siket... xpo la, selamat berjaya! ha3! ;D

M Kamal said...

masya ALLAH, sorry la awok, xdea nk oyak ko awk saya pindoh. lorat tlajok :D nati mai la jjale di Ameenah deh, ziarah bilik saya :) all the best to youu toooooo Mayyammm :D

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum kak. Saya nk tny. Saya dpt 7a je dlm spm. Chem sy b+ and addm saya b. Akak rasa ada kemungkinan tk untk sy dpt asasi law uia? Saya nk sgt masuk uia.. skrg syaratnya msti lg tinggi kn ditambah lg dgn budak2 straight a yg ramai. Pd pndpt akak ada hrpn tk?

M Kamal said...

Waalaikummussalam :)

Total 9 subjek ke? 7a, 1b+ dan 1b, ya?

Akak rasa, kalau nak apply Asasi Law UIA, sepatutnya takde masalah. sebab subjek yang ditekankan untuk Law ialah subjek bahasa dan Sejarah. Err . Dah masukkan Law UIA dalam UPU ya? Then banyakkan berdoa dan solat hajar supaya dipermurahkan rezeki dan dipermudahkan urusan untuk jejak UIA :)

Kalau boleh, sunat Dhuha jangan lupa dik. Murah rezeki, insha ALLAH.

Bittaufiq wannajah!

Nanti dah tahu UPU, bagitau la ye :)

Btw, kalau xboleh UIA masa first result UPU, merayu la. Dan UIA ada first intake, second intake sampai third intake. Jadi, jangan frust sangat kalau tak dapat tempat masa first intake. Teruskan mencuba untuk second dan thrid intake.

Semoga murah rezeki :)

Anonymous said...

Ok kak. Tq bnyk2 eh kak. Doakan lh saya dpt eh hehe. Susah ke kak blajar law? Ramai tk yg amik law batch akak? All the best fr yr studies! Saya doakan akk berjaya dunia akhirat :D AMIN

MIRA said...

Salam kak i got 5a in spm. Semua teras je. Bio phy B. Chem c+ add math i eligible to apply foudation at uia?

Mir said...

Salam kak i got 5a in spm. Semua teras je. Bio phy B. Chem c+ add math i eligible to apply foudation at uia?

Mir said...

Salam kak i got 5a in spm. Semua teras je. Bio phy B. Chem c+ add math i eligible to apply foudation at uia?

Mir said...

Salam kak i got 5a in spm. Semua teras je. Bio phy B. Chem c+ add math i eligible to apply foudation at uia?

M Kamal said...

Alaykummussalam, adik. Sorry for the late reply.

So altogether, correct me if I'm wrong - 5A's, 2B's, 1 C+ and 1 D?

Hmm not sure, dik. I'm afraid the requirements are little bit tight these days. in fact during my days back then pun when I got C's for all my science subjects, the admin suggested me to choose the course of Islamic Reveal Knowledge instead of Laws :'D

But still, you may try your luck. mana tahu ada rezeki. but I would suggest you to have any back-up plan just in case anything happens.

All the best! And also banyakkan doa, mana tahu bulan2 puasa ni murah rezki, doa dimakbulkan :)

Salam Ramadhan.