Saturday, March 23, 2013

Aku yang dilupakan.


After paying for the 'kuih malas', I crossed the small street and approached an old man who was walking slowly, with his cane.

"Nok gi mano tu?" I asked him, in a flirting tone. To joke around with him, whom I miss.

He startled, and seemed to be in very shock situation. He looked at my face, thoroughly.

My heart was stabbed with the knife of sadness.

My Aytuk already forgot me. He couldn't recall who I am, though it had been only a month since the last time he met me.

"Tok ingat doh sapo?" I asked, for confirmation.

He shook his head, left and right.


I tried to curve up my lips, gifting him my not so sweet smile on our first encounter for my mid sem holiday.

"Maryam. Cucu sendiri tok ingat doh?" I explained to him, as well as teased him.

Then only he nodded his head. I then shook his hand, kiss it properly. Beradab jugak budaknya, aku nih :D

He hold my hand, and put his big fingers in between my fingers. We then walked slowly home. I was touched. He couldn't remember me at first, but once he remembered me, he showered me with his endless love.

His steps were much slower than before. The distance between the stall of kuih malas with the home, was not more than 50 meters. But it took us more than 5 minutes to reach home. Yes, Aytuk could not speed up anymore. He had to walk slowly, with the assistance of his cane.

My Aytuk has reached his 90s. Ya, kekasih hati nombor dua saya sudah tua :( Maka, logiklah jika dia lupa saya. Logiklah jika dia semakin berkurang upaya.


I suddenly remembered, two days before I came home, I bought a SD memory card for Ayah's new smartphone. 4GB. I wonder, is that computer premise also sell memory card that is suitable for Aytuk? So that he will not easily forget me anymore? Is there? :'(

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