Friday, February 08, 2013

UIA and my story with it.


Alhamdulillah, with His permission, I managed to enroll myself into Islamic University Islam Malaysia (IIUM) to complete my Degree in Law (LLB) and if ALLAH wills, Degree in Law-Syariah (LLBS).

First week seemed to be a very hectic one for me. My mahallah is a way tooooooooo far from the location of the program. It took my friends and I about 15-25 minutes to reach the SHAS Mosque and CAC Hall, where the Taaruf Week was held.

If I was to walk at 7 am to there, I will not mind too much. Walking in a soft breeze at morning, will actually be a good exercise for me. But just imagine, if I have to walk for at least 15 minutes, under the fierce sunlight of noon? Once I reached mahallah (from mosque or hall due to lunch break) , my clothes will be all wet with sweat. Uh la la.

The program had no fix schedule. The daily activities were different to each other. For example, during first day of registration, we had to walk at 3 pm, from mahallah to CAC to collect our Taaruf Kit, and yes, all of us were sunk with unstopable sweat due to the sunlight of the noon.

The other day, when we had our qiamullail at mosque for example, we were allowed to go back to our mahallah during the lunch break, for us to take our bath, have our lunch as well as perform our Zuhr prayer. But it seems quite nonsense, when we were only given 45 minutes to complete all those things. During that moment, I didn't know to go upset with who, either with the committees who seemed didn't care of our problem, or the person who responsibled to put us in such isolated mahallah. We were allowed to go back to our mahallah to take our bath and change our cloth that we wore since the night before qiam, and ironically when we arrived back at the CAC after the break given, we were all wet again, due to sweat. So, it's unfavorable to say that it was useless for us to take our bath actually.

The committees seemed to be quite strict with the freshies, and did some unforgivable mistake that somehow burst the rebellion of some new students. But everything was under control, I supposed. Alhamdulillah, after the oath ceremony, they seemed to be much better and nicer with us. No more annoying speech on the stage. Well, I understand them actually. Due to tiredness of not eating and getting enough rest, and with the attitudes of juniors, they will be in tense. But somehow the way they deal with the problems itself, seemed problematic. Whatever it is, may ALLAH grant the committees huge rewards of being patient with their duties of facing us ; the freshies.

And still, with such busy Taaruf Week, with beloved YYA, I managed to curve up my lips, due to happiness of being with them. Thanks, sweethearts! :')

Life has not being good to me, lately. Due to excessive walking back and forth from mahallah to AIKOL, which takes almost half an hour, and in the AIKOL itself we need to walk and hiking stairs a lot, I will feel very tired when I'm back at mahallah, at night.

The Shari'ah classes seem to be tougher than I thought. The lecturers seem quite hard to deal with. The classes was full with many students per group. The classmates seem to be sooooo many that I expected. Well, of course, the learning process at UIA will be different from CFS. A larger classroom, and of course larger number of students. It's quite hard to arrange our timetable ourselves. To put the class here, the tutor there. To stabilize between kuliyyah core courses and the university requirement courses. To put best buddies as well as good lecturer in a group together. First week of studying at AIKOL was quite challenging for me. Somehow, it was scary.

But Alhamdulillah, as ALLAH promise, in every difficulty, there will be an ease (refer to Surah Al Insyirah), ALLAH awards me with great friends and mates that help me from various sides. YYA played very huge roles in helping me, both in my hostel problem as well as my academic matters. Few other friends also lent their hands to me, making my way much more easier that supposed to. Also senior, especially Kak Krun, gave her support and assistance to me. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

Thanks to UIA for having beautiful scenery, that sometimes has lightened up my gloomy days. UIA seriously has nice landscape :)

Most of the times, when I do something, I will remember this person. Ayah. When he was about to leave me, after my registration process was complete, he hugged me, and whispered to me some very earcandy sentences. The sentences were cliche, but when it came from his heart, the words went straight into my heart.

Ayah told me to study well, and if there's any chance, try to get JPA scholarship. He was aware with my ability, and wanted me to use my ability well.

I kissed his cheeks with watery eyes, that I prevented the tears to go out, as I promised myself not to cry when Ayah was going home. So I did. I managed not to cry in front him, so he will not feel burden to leave me.

And when Shari'ah was treating me quite harshly, I gathered some sense to stay strong. By hook or by crook, insha ALLAH, I will get that LLBS, for my Ayah. Ayah wants so much that I manage to grab that Degree. LLBS, insha ALLAH.

Less more 2 weeks in UIA taught me to be a grateful person. Bersyukur pada benda yang sedikit. I used to sleep so many hours before, but during a week of Taaruf Week, I just got a chance to take a short nap at afternoon, sort of qailulah, waiting the time for Zuhr. It was so nice to have that quality sleep, that the happiness from that short nap, still I can feel it now. Compared to my many hours sleep before, that qailulah was more pretty, I guess.

I always feel in unfortunate, for having such far Mahallah, without being grateful of having the chance to have roommates that I chose myself. My friends at other mahallah were not given the chance to choose their roommates, so they have to suffer to stay for at least 4 months with strangesr. Some of my friends have to stay with seniors as their roommates, and that is quite... uncomfortable. So, having Mira, Farah and Cha as my roommates is a bless from Him, actually. All these 3 girls are also my classmates in various classes. So, we know each other, and Alhamdulillah for that.

I also am included as a person who always complaint over unsatisfaction. I like to ask myself, why I need to walk for almost 30 minutes to reach my Kuliyyah, when there are my friends who live nearby the AIKOL, that take them only 5-10 minutes to reach AIKOL.

One day, when I was still complaining to myself, I saw a person, on a automatic wheelchair, was moving on his wheelchair calmly. He was a disabled person, and was moving calmly under the hotness of sunlight. He must be more tired than me, but his face was a lot calmer than mine. I lessened my complaints, and kept walking.

Then, I met a girl, walking with a cane. She was walking from Mahallah Hafsa, heading to her Kuliyyah of Engineering. The journey supposed to take 5-10 minutes only, but due to her leg, the journey became 15-20 minutes. Just like my journey from Ruqayyah to AIKOL. So, if I felt hot, she must feel that as well. Plus, she will be very tired due to the energy that she used to walk to her Kuliyyah.

All these incidents managed to make me a grateful one. I still have healthy legs to walk, and just walk. It's not that I will die because of it, right? So, I stopped complaining to myself and continues my journey to AIKOL with istighfar to Him. Yes. Hopefully, He forgives me for being an ungrateful servant.

Bersyukur dengan apa yang sedikit, dan berterima kasih pada ALLAH pada yang banyak. Jangan leka dengan nikmat, jangan lalai dengan ujian.

Pray for me. May ALLAH give me strength to keep walking in the path I am. To be patient, as well as to be excellent in academics as well, insha ALLAH.

Wallahu'alam, wassalam~

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qyqa mokhtar said...

Time orentasi memg sangat sengsara hoho..
senior2 pakat nak marah siap berdrama bagai, rasa kelakar pon ada haha..

btw, good luck for you my dear..
Susah senang jatuh bangkit insyaAllah ada teman di sisi jadi lebih mudah kan ^^

M Kamal said...

kannnnnnnn. macam ape je orientasi ni. sahdu pulak rasanya. haha :D

thankkkyouuuu awak untuk doa itu. amin amin. and you, thanks for being one of my friend. (AMARAN : ayat tadi tu ayat mohon tacing. maka, mohon tacing yaa :D )