Friday, February 08, 2013



26th January 2013 ; Nadia Amilin's engagement day.

And since I've been crazy with feltcraft thingy these days, so I gave her this :

I somehow, when she told me that she was getting engaged, I just couldn't believe the news, because I never expect that the moment when I need to attend my friends' big day, will come this soon. But then, she was being real, and I just can pray for her happiness.

She is currently in her first year of degree in Medicine at USIM. So, just pray the best that she can stabilize between her precious study ; the course that she has been wanted to since forever, with her fiancee. 

Nadia and Mustaqim, may ALLAH bless you two. REMEMBER! Being knotted with this fiancee thingy doesn't give you two a license to do what you please. It's a period which you two can know each other better. But still, there are boundaries to be observed.

Wallahu'alam, wassalam~

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