Friday, February 08, 2013


In the name of ALLAH.

I know this feltcraft thingy from Im (read : Nadia Amran), that she uploaded few feltcraft that she sew herself, on Instagram. Immersed by their cuteness and beauty, I then tried to make one myself.

First step is to get the felt cloth itself. This kind of cloth is quite a hipster, and hard to be found in common shops. I searched through webs, and found numerous blogs that offer the service of feltcraft. But then, a friend told me that there was a premise inside Tesco Kota Bharu that sells felt cloth. I went there, and yes, the felt cloth, as well as other things that are needed to produce feltcraft, are sold there.

I bought a few various colors of the cloth, and started to create some of those cute crafts. And these are the outcomes :

This was the second one that I made. The first one that I made, was given to my mum. This second one was created specially to my Ayah, as his birthday was around the corner, that time. And I ended making him a pendrive holder as his birthday gift :)

And this one was created specially for my YYA girls, and not to be forgotten two those two boys. The girls will get this Baju Kurung, while the boys will be given the Baju Melayu.

This one, was created specially for Nadia Amilin and her fiancee. Well, the rich girl like her will not need Jean Perry set, neither BUM bag, nor iPhone/iPad case as engagement gift. She can have those things by herself. Therefore, I'm trying something new by giving her this ; something that she couldn't find in the market, as this was created specially and freely for her.

While that, these was made when I stole some of my golden time at UIA, specially to be sent to Salwaniey and Syaera at CFS. I also made one to Brien, and gave these to her when she was going to CFS to collect her transcript. The turquoise one goes to Salwaniey, and the blue one is Syaera's. Brien's is orange (isn't in the picture).

And the rest of two are mine :D

These are among the results of me making feltcraft. Not bad, huh? Yea yea, I know. My designs are the same. The Baju Kurung, Baju Melayu and heart-shaped are going to be sewed back and forth. But somehow, I am pleased with this :) And can't hide the happiness when I see people's excitedness to receive my humble gift to them :')

Ayah told me once, I should try making new designs. But it seems that pack schedule in UIA won't allow me to spend more time into feltcrafting anymore. Let's just proceed with what I have now. Aim for the best at current moment, will be better when the focus was split due to so much objectives :)

Wallahu'alam, wassalam~

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