Friday, January 11, 2013



When I was small, I used to like tangerine. Baby tangerine, to be specific. But I don't have much authority at that time, to buy that lime on my own, as I could not bring myself to the market, neither could I have some amount of money to be spent to buy the tangerine.

My father did not support me of liking that fruit. He said that baby tangerine was dangerous. It is full with pesticide. The sweetness of baby tangerine was not genuine. It was influenced by chemical substances. And bla bla bla.

But then, with the existence of Abdullah at home, it seems that the sweetness of tangerine is genuine. It is not influenced by pesticide anymore, I guess? Because mum and dad keeps buying that fruits to him, and yes of course, to our family as well.

This is not strange. It is normal. Normal, that Abdullah is treated better. Jealous? Haha. Of course not. Happy, yes. Because I treat him better than I treat others as well. HAHA

See ya!

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