Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Straight ke syurga.


I am a normal girl who wishes to have nice room with great decoration. When I found some pictures of rooms with awesome decoration, I feel envy. Because I could not spend tooooo much on room furniture, therefore I just rearrange the arrangement of the bed, cupboards and tables in my room, frequently.

One night ; a few nights ago, I suddenly got into mood of changing the furniture in my room. There was a  make-up table nearby one of the windows in my room. Instead, I put it beside the wall. So, the window provided a new scenery for me, that once was distracted by the make-up table.

The clock was ticking to the midnight. While finishing some small other decoration, I somehow threw a glance to the window. Through it, I saw a white object was moving nearby the gate of mosque across the street of my house. I turned my head quickly, refused to sunk with the game of feeling. I somehow believe that my eyes was seeing nothing, actually.

But then, I collected some guts to look at that white thingy again. Yes, it was still there, and yes, it was still moving. To be precise, it was walking. No, not it. But she. Yes. That white thingy object that I said, was a woman who was wearing telekung solat (prayer uniform for woman).

She was known by her name ; Esah. I guess almost all the regular visitors of Masjid Bandar Pasir Mas (the mosque which is across the street of my house) know this lady. She was abnormal, not as sane as normal people. She had no house, so she usually slept in the mosque. She sometimes would go for a walk, about kilometres from the masjid, but she will return back to the masjid, even after few days. Surprisingly, she had a son, who acted same like her. I have no idea how come she became like that.

So, that night, I saw Esah was walking nearby the gate by wearing white telekung. Well, that was her uniform, I guess, because I never see her wearing other attire than that. Perhaps the telekung was taken from the wakaf ones in the masjid.

I ignored her, and became relieved because the white object was Esah ; a woman that I know. Not 'that thing' :D

And today, I receive a news. People in the town are talking about it. Yes, it is about Esah.

She died.

Yes, Esah died. She slept on the railway train, and was hit by the train which was scheduled to arrive at Pasir Mas at 4 am.

This is an extremely shocking news. For me, at least.

Because of some problems she caused, Esah had been forbidden to sleep in the mosque. Perhaps she had no better place to go, and with disturbed mind, she chose to lie of the railway, and the rest is history.

That night, was the last night I saw her. She, who I thought a ghost, has died.

I wonder what happen to her son. Will he be okay?

I asked Ayah about this,

"Kironyo, dio straight masuk syurga laa kea ayoh?"

Ayah just nodded his head. Despite of this bad thing, Ayah still has positive points. He said :

"Ado hikmah la tuh bakpo ALLAH wat gitu. Acu baye, kalu ALLAH nak ambik dio dengan caro dio sakit, sapo nok caro ko sakit dio? Mugo ado anok pung supo tulo jah denga mok."

Yes. It has been fated that today, at 4 am, Esah will die with this way. She didn't burden anyone with her departure. In fact, along her life, she didn't bother people. She was in her own world.

Rest in peace, Esah.
You might be abnormal in world,
but there ; hereafter,
perhaps you are going straight to His heaven ; Jannah.
I envy you for that.

La haula wala quwwata illa billahi 'aliyyil 'azhim.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rooji'un.


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MizzNF said...

sedihnyoo dgr cito ni. ='( smoga ditempatkan di klgn org2 beriman dehh makcik Esahh .