Friday, January 11, 2013

"Maah katku jugok, Siah."


This holy Jumaat's morning, I spent by visiting my nanny's younger sister who was sick. I went to Mek's house, pick the whole family up ; Mek, Aytuk and Che Lah, and headed to Mak Cik's (my Mek's sister house)

She had a fever since past 5 days. Lying on the bed weakly, we entered her room. I shaked her hand, kissed her forehead, while cracking a tiny joke, just to see her smile. A minute later, Aytuk came in and sat on a chair near Mak Cik.

Mek, Aytuk, Mak Cik and few other relatives were chatting on a few things. Bla bla bla, then I invited Aytuk to go to my house, while Mek would love to spend her time with Mak Cik. So, Aytuk, Che Lah and I will go back to my house, leaving Mek at Mak Cik's house. I will fetch Mek after Jumaat prayer, this evening.

Before leaving the room, Aytuk, while holding his cane, said something to Mak Cik ;

"Maah katku jugok Siah deh, kalu ado gapo-gapo."

Aytuk was apologizing to Mak Cik, if there was any mistake that he did to her. And mak cik replied ;

"Ho, samo laa Pok Su wei."

Same goes to you, Poksu, Mak Cik replied. Ohh ya. Pok Su is another nickname for my Aytuk.

You know, the feeling when two seniors are apologizing to each other? Why? Because they are in alert situation. They have sort of feeling that perhaps they will 'go' soon, so they would love to apologize to almost everyone they meet, as the preparation so that when they are 'away', they will not have to seek anybody's forgiveness anymore.

So, it seems like, my Aytuk is preparing something? For his departure? Auch, that is harsh, Maryam!

But, that's the reality. And reality will never always soft and smooth.

In better words, I would say that, my Aytuk is ready for something bad, and he is preparing for something worse, perhaps?

Only ALLAH knows the real truth.


Stay live, and live well, Aytuk dan Mak Cik! :')


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