Monday, January 14, 2013

Hari ini dalam sejarah : 14 Januari 2013.


After finding whereabouts of Mek and Aytuk, I found myself a seat nearby Mek, who was waiting for her number to be called to the doctor’s room. Well, I was accompanying my paternal grandparents to their monthly medical check up. Usually my Ayah accompanies them, as he is also a regular customer to this hospital, but today, Ayah handed this task to me.

My Samsung Wonder suddenly rang. My sister was calling. I picked up the phone, and her voice was in my ears.

“Balik jap. Watgi ayah ke spital.”

I was wondering, what has happened to Ayah? Automatically, I almost stood up suddenly.


“Balik je la.” I was left without proper explanation, that made me became curious.

I then approached Mek, to inform her that Kak Yah called me and asked me to go home for a while. I didn’t tell her what has happened to his son ; my Ayah, because I myself could not figure that thing out.

I ran to the motorcycled that I parked outside the building. Luckily my house is just nearby the Pusat Kesihatan Bandar Pasir Mas, so, it is not a burden to my family and I to go back and forth to this hospital.

I sped up the motor, to ensure my father would not have to wait for me longer. As I arrived home, Ayah was standing nearby the entrance door, wrapping his left hand with many pieces of tissues. His trousers was tainted with something reddish which turned to maroon ; which was blood, I supposed.

 He then entered the house again, finding something I guess. I ran into the house, and I saw drops of red and fresh blood was on the floor of our house. Suddenly, my panic went up. What has happened, Ayah?

I saw my sister was wiping the blood on the floor. She looked at me, and told me that Ayah was hurt by a parang while he was cleaning the banana tree at the backyard of our house. Many questions ambushed my mind. Was Ayah alright? Was he doing well? Was he injured badly? What can I do to ease his pain? Should I call Mak? Or ambulance? Which clinic that I will bring him to? Or hospital?

After couple of minutes, I grabbed the DAT keys, and drove him to that hospital where I was. On the way there, he told me why he got the wound. He said he was cutting some of banana leaves that had grown too much and took neighbor’s space. But then something ; insect, perhaps, was biting him on his finger, so he was trying to chase that thingy away by using his another hand, without realizing that another hand was holding a parang that he used to clean the banana tree. And the rest was history.

I parked the DAT nearby the entrance gate, and rushed to the registration with Ayah’s IC that he gave me in the car. I told the nurse in the counter that my case was emergency one, because my Ayah had been hurt with parang. She told me to bring my father quickly to the Emergency Room, which was located at the outer part of the hospital. I then got my Ayah there.

Some of people that know my Ayah, approached us worriedly, when they looked at the tainted-with-blood-trousers, and of course, the wrapped hand with tissues that were full with blood. They asked several questions, showing their concern to my Ayah. In that situation, Ayah was still able to answer the question leisurely, and put some smiles between his words.

Well. That was not really an Emergency Room, I guess, because quite many people were allowed to be in there, like my father’s friends and I. A minute later, Ayah was lied on the bed and the nurses approached him. For times, again and again, he told the same story that he told me in the car, to the nurses. The treatment session then began.

I was worried. Did Ayah hurt himself badly? Did Ayah lost anything that he supposed no to, like one of his fingers? Allah, imagining my Ayah like that, I felt like crazy. Nothing was in my mind at that moment, except prayers to ALLAH to not to take anything that He lends to my Ayah. Please.

From my sit, I could see my Ayah was lying on the bed, with his legs were shaking. For sure, he was enduring the pain. ALLAH. Being hurt by a parang, who will not feel the pain? My hands shook each other as well, likewise I could feel the pain felt by Ayah.

My mother then called me. She, who was away with two relatives to a tailor, already arrived at the hospital. I saw them, and they came to me. Two of the relatives waited in the inner part of the hospital, and my mom approached Ayah. I quietly went near him as well. I was afraid before, because I have bad story with blood. Yes, I have a phobia with blood.

I saw the cotton turned its color from white to red, influenced by my Ayah’s blood. The bin nearby him was filled with the red-tainted cotton that was used to wipe the abundant blood of Ayah. I then got myself off the room, as I started to feel dizzy. I then remembered about Mek and Aytuk who I left behind inside the hospital, ignorantly, after I found out what has happened to Ayah. I then recalled Ayah’s order to keep this thing ; he was hurt by parang, as a secret from Mek and Aytuk, because Ayah refused to raise the worry of Mek.

I found Mek nearby the Pathology Department. Luckily, my Ayah and Mek, neither my Aytuk, did not bump to each other. While Ayah was in the front part of the hospital, Mek was at the back ; at that Pathology Department. Aytuk was nowhere to be found, but then Kak Yah called, telling us that Aytuk had arrived at home. He was sent by someone, who we didn’t know who. But it did not really matter. Like I mentioned before, my house is nearby with this hospital. So, perhaps, there was any passby-er who saw an old man walking, and gave him a lift. Perhaps. May ALLAH bless that someone.

Back to the hospital story, when I found Mek, dizzily, I grabbed her hand and she asked me to bring her again to the doctor’s room, as she forgot to ask about something. We then headed there. After letting Mek went inside the room, I gave myself a seat. I felt confused. Everything that I saw at that moment, became shining things. I closed my eyes, then opened them again. Few times I did so, I decided to keep the eyes closed, because such scenery had caused my head to be in so much pain.

I thought I was sleeping on the chair, until I found myself lying on the floor. My phone which was in my palms, was beside me, and my spectacle was taken off from my eyes, by somebody.

Yes, I fainted.

I fainted while sitting on the chair in front of the doctor’s room, and when I got to my sense back, many people were surrounding me, and someone was holding my right arm. Another someone had rushed into the doctor’s room and called my Mek. Mek then came to me hurriedly, and asked me to recite syahadah. I was smiling, as I found that as funny. I just fainted, Mek. Cool ;D

But my smile stopped when a nurse came to me and brought a wheelchair. I was directed to sit and lean my back on that chair. I was brought to the Emergency Room. Yes, the same room with Ayah, who was still in treatment. On the way there, I could not lift up my head, as I felt embarrassed when so many people were looking at me. Oh people, I just fainted. Nothing serious with me! I wanted to shout like that to them, but thanks to my dizziness, I stayed quiet.

The wheelchair stopped in front of the room. The nurse needed to bring me in himself, because the wheelchair could not go through the small door of that room. But I stood up cautiously and told him that I am okay. He asked few times for confirmation, and left me when I walked leisurely in front of him. The two relatives that came with Mak, approached me. Both have nervous faces.

Then, I turned to a story-teller. The story plot began when I found Mek. It developed when I sent Mek into the doctor’s room and sat myself in front of the room. The conflict started when I felt dizzy and confused. The climax was when I found myself lying on the floor, due to unconsciousness. Lastly, the ending was when I was brought to the Emergency Room, but neither my Ayah nor Mak realized what had happened to me. HAHA ;D

When the nurses were finishing their treatment to Ayah, Mak, who was accompanying Ayah all the time, approached us ; the two relatives and I. I could not say anything, so I just closed my eyes. But still I could hear the two relatives were telling about ‘my story’ that I told them before, to my mom. Mak came near me, and put her hand on my head. As she was standing and I was sitting, I leant my head on his tummy, extracting some strength and love from her. They asked me whether I am okay or not, because my face looked very pale, they said. I just nodded my head as a sign that I am okay, but I didn’t have the guts to put my eyes to Ayah, as his trouser still had some blood.

After few minutes, Mek came into the Emergency Room. I got my phone and spec back, but Ayah’s IC which was with me, was nowhere to be found. Ayah was just behind the curtain nearby Mek, but with our distraction, plus Mek’s worry of me, we managed to make she off the Emergency Room without finding out what has happened to Ayah.

I then understood why Ayah wanted to keep this hidden from Mek. Even me ; her grandchildren, went to unconsciousness for few seconds, she rushed to me quickly, patted my cheek and her voice turned to crying-like voice. She was so worried of me. I could not imagine how worry and panic she will be if she found out what happened to Ayah ; his son.

I gained some strength, and tried to walk to the place where I fainted. Some of the people who lent me their hands when I went unconscious just now, saw me and they still recognized me. They asked me whether I am okay or not. Ohh. I was touched by the concern from the people that I had no idea who were them, but their concern to me was like I am their relative. Thank you, people. May ALLAH bless all of you.

I tried to find Ayah’s IC, that perhaps was around there. But seriously it was nowhere to be found. I then suggested to Mak that she has to go to the counter and report about this. Perhaps someone who found the IC will bring it to the counter. Mak then left her information contact so the nurse can contact her if the IC is found, and she told me what the nurse at the counter told her :

“Ohh, IC Cikgu Kamal hok anok dio pege? Anak Cikgu Kamal laa hok pengsan takdi? Bawok ayoh dio, pahtu dio pulok hok pengsan. Gitulah, budak-budak mabuk darah.”


Told ya, as regular customer of this hospital, my father was known by quite numbers of people. And yes, as his daughter, his popularity reaches me as well, it seems so.

Urgh. What a shame.

I then was sent home by Mak. After getting 2 hours sleep, I think I am getting better.

To be precise, this was the second time that I went unconscious after seeing blood. Few years ago, I fainted alone after hurting myself with a knife that I used to chop some onion. As there was only me in the kitchen, so nobody realized what happened to me. Quite lonely, right?

But this afternoon, many people acknowledged me when I fainted, and suddenly I became a famous person. Oh la la.

What a day today. Pheww.


Alhamdulillah, he is okay. His left hand’s fingers are still 5. He just hurt the back side of his palm that required it to be sewed with few sewing. Just that, Alhamdulillah.

And yes, Ayah perhaps, still does not know that I went unconscious after seeing his blood :D And this thing ; Ayah had been hurt by a parang, is still kept as secret from Mek and Aytuk. But Che Lah (Ayah’s younger sister who was at home when Ayah hurt himself) perhaps will tell Mek about this matter. Well, I guess Mek will know, sooner or later. It is just a matter of time.

That’s how I spent my January 14th. Hmm.

Thanks for reading, people. Stay blessed. Pray for my family and I too J

Wallahu’alam, wassalam.

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