Thursday, January 03, 2013

Cerita Kekasih Hati Nombor 2 (Bahagian 2)


It was raining. He was sitting at the bench beside my car. I approached him.

"Wat gapo?"

He looked at me, and smiled.

"Mace-mace. Tengok keto, tengok huje."

I nodded my head.

"Oghe nyewo ado lagi alek blake nuh?" I asked, referring to a couple of husband and wife who stayed at a rented house, behind his house.

"Takdok doh. Duk bbaloh laki bini. Toklaki dio katok bini. Maghi cari aku mitok tolong."

"Maghi cari Aytuk?" I was quite shocked. The couple fought, and the wife came to ask help from him?!

"Hmm. Nak mitok tolong."

"Jange duk gi tolong. Kalu kito tu gagoh supo jame mudo, takpo la jugok nok gi tolong. Ni narak kito pulok hok keno katok, buke ko dio, Pok Su Mezoh weii." I reminded him about the fact that he is no longer young to become a superhero :D While that, I called him with his 'stage name' ; Pok Su Mezoh to create a curve at his lips. He was happy to listen that name!

"Ho. Tahu."

The situation the became quiet. Both of us, watched the drops of the rain, listened to the sound when the rain hit the floor, and smelt the freshness of the air.

He then said something, that invited my tears.

"Aku xdea la nok gi kelih tepak mung duduk. Jame-jame mudo ritu gi kelih sokmo tepak anok cucu. Ni koho tuo ni, xcekak doh la nak jjale jauh."

He said, all of a sudden. He said that he is too old to visit me at my college. He is no longer has ample strength to travel for a long time. So, he indirectly was conveying his apology for not paying a visit to my place, unlike other elder grandchildren.

Yeah. I am among the youngest grandchildren. I was a little girl, when he was young. As time flies, I am now a lady, and he has entered the phase of golden age.

He made me cried with those words.

Panjangkan umur Aytuk saya.
Banyak lagi benda saya nak tunjuk pada beliau.
Saya nak beliau kenal siapa suami saya nanti.
Saya akan sedih kalau anak-anak saya tak sempat kenal Aytuk saya.


I stayed silent. Quietly I wiped my tears. He still, watched the fell rain, and the passed-by cars.

How I hope that I still have the chance to sit beside him for many years more.

Aytuk, saranghae! ;)

May ALLAH bless, wassalam.

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