Saturday, December 29, 2012

My lil boy has grown up.

In the name of ALLAH.

This boy has brought much laughter to all of us since almost past 7 years. The first grandchildren in the family, we see he grows with our own eyes. We were excited to see his first step. We were anxious to listen to his first word. We were happy with his actions. We were entertained by him, really.

And now, I just can't believe my eyes that he is already at the level that he has to wear school uniform. Ohh, this little boy, who always cries when we tease him, who always laugh when we crack jokes for him, has grown up soooo much!

May ALLAH ease your journey as a school student, Abang. Study well, you are the eldest son, as well as eldest grandchild in the family. Our prayers accompany your steps :')



Tak lama lepas ni, a few years lagi, saya hapdet pasal Ikmal pulak masuk derjah satu. Pastu Iqbal SPM, Ikmal PMR, Abdullah UPSR, Irham masuk sekolah. Hulala. Time sure flies. Hmm.

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