Sunday, November 11, 2012

A medicine for the soul.


After entering that room, I sat comfortably on a chair besides that woman's table. She smiled to me and his facial expression sort of encouraged me to spill the beans.

I then told her many things that for me, supposed to be known by her. She stared me for a second then she said ;

"You are type A person."


"Type A.  You are not an easy person. You think hard and deep. You take everything seriously."

I was taken aback. Was she a doctor, or she was actually a soothsayer that wore a white coat, like a doctor used to?

"Of course, there's something good about such people. But definitely they also have disadvantages for having such characteristics."

I just nodded my head. Agreed. She knew about me.

"Control your emotions. As a student of an Islamic university, you must know how to recite Quran, right? So, recite and read it a lot. Bring yourself closer to Him. Insha ALLAH, you will be okay."

After some chats and actions on me, she let me go out of her room. She told me that she will give me a type of medicine that'll cure my physical disease, without realizing that she also supplied me cure for my mental disease.

May ALLAH bless her.

Wallahu'alam, wassalam.

p/s : Am I sick? Hiks. Let it be one of the secrets in my Pandora box :))) Just pray for me.

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