Saturday, November 10, 2012

A journey with lessons.


She participates the daily ride well. Riding the car with her dad will never bring her to boredom. There'll be many things to be discussed, or even if there's nothing to say, she will create a question and anticipate for the answer from her hero, even though she knew about that thing. Just because.

That evening, the car that is driven by her hero, passes a village. Then, they see a family consists of a father, a mother and a little son, are riding a bicycle. The husband is cycling, and the wife is riding at the back seat, while carrying their son. They seem quite outstanding in that road, because they are the only couple that is riding a bicycle, while others are riding cars.

Then the father says to his daughter,

"They are happy, in their own way." He refers to that bicycle couple. His sentence is short, but has deep meaning. He is saying, even though the family might be poor, but somehow they are happy, in their own way.      

The daughter thinks much further than what the father says. She thinks that she must be happy with what she has today, because even she does not have everything she wants, but at least she does not have to face any difficulty. In simpler words, her family might not be rich, but she never experience hardship. That'll be good enough :)

The journey continues. About five minutes later, the father and the daughter meet another couple. This time, a man and a woman at their golden ages, are riding a motorcycle. But the motorcycle is stopped on the bridge, and the couple seems to enjoy the scenery of the nearby paddy field. They look so sweet together :)

The daughter looks at her father, waits for his reaction. But he only shows his normal face with the light in the eyes, as usual. This action, the daughter then understands as ; love is something that does not have expiry date. It lasts longer and will not die, even the person you love dies. Love is not by age. Love is not by property. Love is by heart. So, love will not change, even you are aging or you only have a motorcycle.

The father keeps driving, and sometimes he lectures his daughter. Mostly about life lessons. The daughter will listen carefully, because she is afraid that someday she will not be able to enjoy such moments anymore.

Why? Because time flies.

Once upon a time, she was a little girl. But now, she grows up. So does her father. He is aging, along the time. No longer as young as before. His little baby, has become a grown up lady. The same goes to a young father, to a-man-at-his-golden-age daddy.


My name is Maryam. I used to be my daddy's baby, but now, I am daddy's lady.

May ALLAH bless our daddies. 


Wallahu'alam, wassalam.

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