Sunday, September 23, 2012

She's not a cousin. But a sister.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, assalamualaikum wbt.

She's 20, recently. Recently ; as in, on September 9th ago. So basically, she is a year older than me, making me to call her as kakak :)

Not a biological sister, but actually a cousin-sister. I spent most of my childhood with them. Somewhere in Gua Musang, before she and her family moved to Kota Bharu. There, she introduced me to buah saga, buah kekup and many other things. Despite of having other three younger siblings, she is willing to have and treat me as her own younger sister. Thanks for that.

She is, and was an obedient child. But I was a bit naughtier than her. During my visit to her house, we always spent the night together, and let the night passed with talking, not sleeping, as normal growing up children should do. I always teased her with few boys, making she blushed. And we would love to go shopping together in Econsave, and she will buy something nice for me.

The most important thing that I should always remember about her is, she was the one who gave me this kind of advice, that I shall remember till my last breath :

"Kita ni, kalau malas solat sekalipun, lakukanlah dengan terpaksa dulu. Biar jadi amalan. Insya ALLAH, lama-kelamaan rasa terpaksa tu akan jadi ikhlas. Nak tunggu ikhlas, sampai bila? Kerana yang menilai ikhlas itu Dia, bukan manusia. Jadi, solatlah juga! Walaupun sekejap. Walaupun tak sempurna. Walaupun pura-pura. Asalkan rasa kebertanggungjawaban itu ada."

She herself might not remember this. But I keep this thing well in my mind, and I do spread this kind of advice to some of close persons in my life. And I will give same advice to my children, in case I encounter the same problem.

This advice was given by her during our vacation at Perdana Resort, during one night of Ramadhan. We were a way too young to talk about this. But she advised me well. Alhamdulillah, I utilize her words till today :)

It's not that my biological sister cannot do that to me, but somehow I had a gap with my older sister back then. My closest elder sister, Kak Yah, she is 5 years older than me. I can say that it is quite a boundary for us to get together as close as this cousin and I.

Thanks to ALLAH, for making she a year older than me, and making she as one of my sisters :)

So, NURUL TAQIAH AZIZ.. Sanah helwah. Happy becoming 20. Say goodbye to you teen's period. You'd grew up :P

May ALLAH bless you always, endlessly, insha ALLAH.

Yam sayang kakak.


p/s : Birthday wish also goes to Taqiah's scandal (see, I'm being naughty again!), Nik Syauqi who celebrated his 20th birthday (as well) at September 20th 2012. May ALLAH ease everything for you, aamiin! )

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