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Dear Extremists.


Assalamualaikum wbt.

I got the idea to write this post after reading this at FB, just now. Click for more info.

Basically, this is about PSY's new hot song, Oppa Gangnam Style. I'm really sorry to write something related with Korea again, but let me clarify this thing as a Malaysian Muslim.

It is undeniable that OGS gains a lot of popularity whole over the world. It sets itself as number 44 as the most played video in YouTube and many other international recognition, include some of the world star that post about OGS MV in their personal websites, for example Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Doubt me? Please, google about that. I would not attach the evidence here, as perhaps some of u guys may misunderstand my hardworking in proving things. But please google, if you really disbelief me. And correct me, if my info is wrong.

So basically, OGS seriously gain its fame and PSY recently become number 1 Korean that foreigner would like to meet. Other than being trending for a long period of time in Twitter, in fact in reality life some of my male friends that usually don't even care about this Korea things, greet among themselves with this famous line, 'Oppa Gangnam Style'.

I watched the video, and for me, it's typical Korean's MV. Then I converted the video into MP3, as I prefer to listen it more than to watch it. The song somehow fun and energetic. I repeat, the song. Not the video. I have no problem at all with both of song or video. You may say that its MV is quite daring in exposing the bodies of the women, but we have to accept that its the concept and the custom of those Koreans in making MVs. If you don't like that, don't watch! And if you say the song may contain several sentences that are not supposed to be listened, then don't listen! But, don't be too extremist. You dislike to watch and listen the vid and song, but don't exaggerate!

From the link that I attached, it is mentioned that some people said that OGS song cannot be sang by Muslim, as it actually means 'Saya Mahu Menjadi Yahudi' .

When reading this, I was like.. what?

As a person who can understand very little of Korea language, I can say that this is quite impossible. As far as I concern, Oppa means elder brother or boyfriend, and younger sister or girlfriend will use this term to address her oppa. While that, Gangnam is one of the district in South Korea, and literally it means 'south of the river'. And I am sure, everybody knows what is 'style'. It's English, man!

So, I am pretty sure everybody who understands this may interpret the phrase OGS and basically it has nothing to do with this religion thing. It is just a song which tells us about the style of a guy who lives in Gangnam. Or, is there any suspicious word in the phrase ' Oppa Gangnam Style'?

Gangnam. A nama for a place. Aren't you being a way too harsh by stating Ganyang Style, instead of Gangnam? Haih.

Please don't misunderstand me.

I am not in the condition of defending such Korean songs who actually has nothing to do beneficially with our routine life. Here we go to my main point.

I sort of agree with Mr Bob Usop. He did mention that if we don't want to be influenced, then don't follow the music, neither the song nor the video.  But somehow, look at the comment at the bottom of the printscreen picture.


When the phrase of Oppa Gangnam Style is related to the Yahudi, automatically it is related to religion matter. And by hook or by crook, the extremist in this case is actually will be referred to the pious people in Islam. Even if this accusation is not done by those people, but somehow, those people are liable, because of the religion matter.

So, c'on. Don't make rush accusation, without making proper investigation. It is good to prevent people from following excessively towards something they should not. But in this inappropriate way, this actually show the level of mentality of that person. Bhai, make thorough research, before stating something like this.

As we know, Korea has its own die hard fans in this country. Just imagine Muslims, if we ; who have sort of realization about what is good and bad in Islam, wander around n Facebook with this rough accusation, does not that will hurt the fans? And they automatically will stamp 'extremist' on your profile because of your way of spreading the news.

Then how about the work of amar makruf nahi munkar? Encouraging people to do good deeds and preventing bad deeds? Can we still do that, with those die hard fans who are hurted with our rough accusation towards the thing they adore, who basically will avoid themselves from us, because of our mentality that everything made by kuffar has something to do with religion matter?

Okay, this might be hard for you to understand. Okay, the chronology may be like this :

Yuna minat lagu Oppa Gangnam Style ni. Then suddenly Abu shared in his FB saying that tak boleh dengar lagu OGS, sebab itu bermakna 'Saya Mahu Menjadi Yahudi' without doing any research on that. Lepas tu, Abu kononnya nak dakwah Yuna yang nampak sangat kronik minatnya terhadap Korea things. Do you think that Abu's effort will work out, as he just hurt Yuna for his rough accusation on the thing that Yuna likes?

As I mentioned before, tak salah nak menyebarkan kebaikan. Tapi benda tu kenalah betul. Ni dahlah jauh tersasar, kasar pulak tu.

So, kalau rasa lagu ni tak sesuai didengar, tak payahlah dengar. Dan kalau rasa tak berkenan orang-orang di sekeliling anda dengar lagu ni, tegurlah secara berhemah. Dan yang penting, jangan degraded orang yang dengar lagu ni. Doakan mereka dapat kesedaran supaya dengar benda lebih berfaedah.

My main point actually is, dengan sikap ekstremis ni, kita takkan ke pergi jauh. Sebaliknya, orang yang akan menjauh daripada kita.

As usual, be modest and moderate. Don't excessive. Don't hit the limit.

Again, bhai, mentaliti bhai. Tak semua benda datang daripada Korea tu buruk. Yang fanatik dengan Manchester United, yang kononnya Beliebers, yang peminat-susah-mati siri TV dan movie Hollywoods, you don't have any right to degrade people who admire Korea, as you actually in the same boat with them.

I am sort of tired talking about mentality. It is somehow unchangeable! :(

Last but not least, one of the principles of Islamic law is wasatiyyah (moderation). Therefore, practise it, Muslim. Who are we to judge someone's deeds? Who are we to say someone is nice, another one is bad? Who are we to say he is going to heaven, she is going to hell?

Don't be too extreme. Being that, you actually are creating gap with people.

Let me share something with you :


Orang suruh saya ulas isu ini. Saya perasan ramai dah ulas. Justeru saya tak nak ulas panjang. Saya mulakan dengan kaedah mudah dalam isu-isu macam ini.

1 - Baik ke tidak? Kalau baik, teruskan. Kalau tak baik, tinggal.

2 - Sopan ke tak? Kalau sopan, promosikan. Kalau tidak, buat apa popularkan?
3 - Syara' atau tidak? Kalau bendanya sebuah maksiat, melibatkan pendedahan aurat dan aksi-aksi yang mengiurkan, buat apa promosikan kepada ramai?

Menari salah tak?
Kalau tanya saya, secara asasnya menari tidak salah. Nak buat style apa pun buatlah. Selagi mana guideline syara'nya dijaga. Aurat dijaga, adab sopan dijaga, dan terpancar daripada tindakan kita itu wajah seorang muslim/muslimah yang beriman kepada Allah SWT, bukan sebaliknya.

Isunya bukan Gangnam Style. Isunya, apa style pun, mewajahkan Islam tak? Kalau Gangnam Style tu, kita menari, terpancar akhlak seorang muslim/muslimah pada diri kita, why not teruskan dan popularkan? Begitu juga dengan style-style yang lain.

Tetapi kalau sekadar akhirnya menunjukkan kerendahan akhlak, membuang kesopanan, menghilangkan keindahan peribadi seorang muslim/muslimah, kenapa teruskan dan popularkan?

Akhir kata, suka juga saya nak cakap kepada yang menegur isu Gangnam Style ni. Pertama, sila consider masyarakat yang tak faham pempraktisan Islam yang sebenar, gaya hidup Islam yang sebenar. Benda ini benda kemasyarakatan. Saya sendiri perasan ayat Gangnam Style ni bila ada sebuah keluarga melayu nak sambut raya, buat tarian gangnam ni. Jadi, janganlah tegur dengan sindiran dan perlian.

Ada orang, hidup tak dapat fikrah Islam.
Ada orang, ada fikrah Islam, tetapi belum mampu memahamkan seluruh keluarga. Keluarganya tak faham fikrah Islam, tetapi ada semangat nak tunjukkan ukhuwwah keluarga, buat video menari yang kalau dikira dengan aras ukur 'masyarakat sekarang ni', taklah teruk sangat. Kita pun sedia maklum, demam K-Pop memang kuat sekarang ini.

Da'ie kena consider benda ini. Kalau kita ni da'ie(penyeru)lah. Kalau kita ini ada tanggungjawab menjadi penghukum, itu cerita lain.

Jadi, janganlah teguran kita hingga melukakan. Memang ada masa, tegur kena tegas. Ada masa, sindiran itu perlu. Tetapi dalam bab 'orang sekadar tersilap cara nak ekspresikan kegembiraan dan hubungan erat kekeluargaan', saya tak rasa teguran menyindir, 'tunjuk kuat', adalah cara teguran yang baik.

Berikan solusi, berikan kaedah, biar orang faham titik asalnya silap di mana. InsyaAllah, mereka akan terkesan, faham, dan akan berusaha buat perubahan sedikit demi sedikit.

[Eh, terpanjang juga. Maaf ya.]

Saya sangat bersetuju dengan pandangan Saudara HA.  Kita hanya penyeru, bukan penghukum.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Wallahu'alam, wassalam..

p/ s : Teringat kata-kata Sabriena. Dia pernah kata, orang pakai tudung labuh ni ekstremis dalam agama. Haha. Is she true? :D Well, I would say, your words are too extreme, Brien :P

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