Sunday, September 09, 2012

Abdullah, come to che sue :D


Ijat left Malaysia for Mesir at 2 am, early in this morning. He left behind his hero, Abdullah Fathi here ; in Malaysia, as it will be easier for him to concentrate on his final year of medicine in Mansoura Uni. Mak and ayah agreed to take care of that young guy, so Ijat and Kak Aimi can focus on their studies, and Khadijah.

Few hours without his family, Abdullah seems to realize about that. Poor little boy. I can see that he is actually missing them. 

May ALLAH give all of them strength to face the reality, insya ALLAH :)

Stay healthy and happy, Abdullah.

May ALLAH shower all of us His endless bless, aamiin.

Wallahu'alam, wassalam~

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