Sunday, September 23, 2012

49 days.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

In this late at night, I am thinking. And allow me to share with you what I am thinking of.

It is about a drama series that I watched recently. Yes, Korean drama TV entitled 49 Days. For detail synopsis, please google it :)

[left : Song Yi Kyung. right : Shin Ji Hyun]

Let me tell you briefly.

It is about Shin Ji Hyun, who involves in accident and nearly dies. But she is given a chance to stay alive healthily, as long as she may collect three pure tears from three people that love her wholeheartedly. In this 49 days mission, her parents and family are excluded to take part. So her soul borrows another woman's body in order to complete the mission. That woman is Song Yi Kyung.

At days, Shin Ji Hyun will be Song Yi Kyung, as that woman usually sleeps during daytime and only wakes up at nights, because she works at a convenience store in night shift. Basically, there will be two souls in song Yi Kyung's body.

 Yeah, this is ridiculous.

But I may gain many moral values from the soul of Ji Hyun. As a soul, she can talk, listen, watch everything. But she cannot be talked to, be listened to and she is invisible. And also, she cannot touch anything. She lost her sense of touching, and even though she can speak, hear and see, but nobody can sense her exist except the Scheduler (Angel of Death).

This teaches me to appreciate my senses. In Malay, pancaindera. I might have spent my senses in wrong way. And as a person who does not have good eyesight, I sometimes feel disappointed with this situation. But then, at least, I can see people and people can see me. That'll be good enough. Alhamdulillah ya ALLAH, thanks for borrowing me all these senses.

 And I will think, do I spend my senses to the best way? How do I use my eyes? Do I use them to see nice things? Or I also watch bad things that are forbidden? How about my ears? Do I utilize them well? Only listen to good things? Or, also listen to useless things? My mouth? Do I speak nice things? That can benefit people? Or, I say nonsense, that add up my sins account?

Another one more thing is, Ji Hyun who at first feels ease for gaining three tears, later becomes worry when she realizes that everybody around her actually not as nice as she thinks. Her fiancee has a scandal, with her own best friend. And her fellow friends also have many unsatisfied things towards her. This make her mission to collect three tears becomes hard.

I then put myself in her shoes. If I am about to gain that three tears, would I able to get them within 49 days? Or else, I will die? And if I am the one who will cry and produce tears, can I produce the tears that meet the qualifications? Which is a tear that comes from pure love? Can I do that? [no worries. I am fully aware that this kind of things is non-exist in our beautiful Islam. It just crossed my mind to evaluate myself. ]

Last but not least, Ji Hyun shows her strong determination to stay alive. She works hardly to collect the three tears. But somehow, Song Yi Kyung, the owner of the body, tries to commit suicide as she is suffering from losing a person she loves most.

This actually potrays our bad habit as humans. We always want what we don't have. Ji Hyun wants to live, while she is dying. And Song Yi Kyung would like to die, while she is living healthily.

This rises a question for me. Can't we just be grateful with what we have? Or should I say, can't I just be grateful with what I have? -.-'

I feel that this drama series is the closest to me. It may contain many religious themes, but ignore all them. Strengthen your faith in Islam, and watch. Then count yourself.

No worries, I still believe in the concept of live and death in Islam. Insha ALLAH will not be indulged in these Buddhism and Christian themes.

By the way, it is a worth drama to watch.

Yang baik dijadikan teladan,
yang buruk dijadikan sempadan.

Wallahu'alam, wassalam.

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