Saturday, June 30, 2012

:: IKHLAS ::

I hold the mineral water in my bag. The lesson has ended, and the boys are queuing near him, to shake hand with him before leaving the class.

He looks tired, spending almost a full day here, teaching the students, from the morning till night. Poor guy. I would like to wait for my classmates to disperse first, before I hand him this mineral water to cure his thirst that might attack him after lecturing for almost two hours. But then he seems like he would like to leave as soon as possible, I then just approach him and give him the mineral water. I know, people is watching, and lil bit, I care.

"For me?" he asks.

I nod my head. Yes, that mineral water is for him. I brought it for him, and put it as among the first things into my bag for the class tonight.

"Ohh thank you. Indeed, I am very thirsty!" he replies jubilantly, just because a glass of mineral water. I am very pleased to see that kind of expression.

People may say that I am hypocrite and pretender, trying to be nice with lecturer with the hope that I may get extra marks for my assessments. Yes, they may say anything. They may say everything.

But I always have something to argue, which I know ALLAH knows the best. Better than them ; people, who always have their own judgement, without knowing that they actually do not deserve to be the judges.

I am sincere. Ikhlas. And I know, ALLAH knows that, insya ALLAH :)

Ignore the way human look and think about you. Focus on what He ; The Almighty, look at you. It's useless to be noble at the eyes of human, but to be very terrible in the eye of ALLAH :')

Maka, jangan sampai anda tak buat sesuatu, hanya kerana takut manusia kata anda riya'. Hanya ALLAH yang layak menghukum kita. Are we sincere enough? And the level of sincerity is various!

Selamat berbuat amal, dengan ikhlas. Kerana ikhlas itu hanya antara kita dengan ALLAH. Manusia lain? They don't deserve to judge you!



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