Sunday, April 01, 2012

Big Day : Roleplay Day!

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Last Friday, March 30th 2012, was another big day for me. In fact, I guess, it was the biggest day for me for this semester. It was our roleplay day!

We, the students of Legal System of CFS IIUM were given a task to do a reenactment about two topics which were Malacca Sultanate and Pangkor Treaty. My group got Pangkor Treaty and we had about a month to do some practices.

The casts were as below :

Luqman Long as Sultan Abdullah.
(as well as the best scriptwriter ^^ )

Ahmad Khalil as Sir Andrew Clarke

Khairul Imran as Sir JWW Birch

Wan Bahirah as narrator.
(as well as the contributor of abundance of great ideas!)

Maryam Kamal as guard.

Maizatul Hanina as Villager 3 and Datuk Maharaja Lela.

Fatimatuzzahra as Chin Ah Yam and Dato' Sagor.

From the left :

Hajar Sahiras as Mat Arshad and Chung Keng Quee
Ainun Wahyuni as Villager 1 and Pandak Indut

Amalina Ab Rani as Villager 2 and Si Putum.

And the result was :

Both Malacca and Pangkor groups. Good job, guys!

The ladies of the Pangkor!
Ohh girls, gonna miss the moments we shared together!


Frankly talking, our first group practising was terrible! We could not get used to each other. I just knew such few names : Luqman, Ocher, K-Ai, Hajar, Mai and Fa in this semester. It was quite hard for us to understand our members and get well together. 

As time passed, and practices make perfect. We spent time together almost every night to gain the best idea about our roleplay. The week of presentation, we spent our 9pm - 12 am on Monday to Thursday for the roleplay. I always thought that it was almost impossible for us to do well, as the Malacca group was a great group. But then, through the practices, I learnt that we also can do great!

During the roleplay day, I didn't expect much. I just hope that we could finish this ASAP. And once it ended, and I managed to step off the AMF Hall with endless smile, it was good enough for me. But suddenly I felt little bit sad. There'll be no more practice, meeting or arguments. Ohh my. 

ALLAH is never wrong, every difficulties, there'll be ease. Even the roleplay was a hard task to be done, but ALLAH gave us ease on our big day, even He gifts us new closer friends!

Good job, guys. We did it well. We gave our best. We put our efforts. Now it's time to tawakkal. May the marks reasonable with our efforts, amiin :)

Luqman, Ocher, K-Ai, Bahirah, Hajar, Fa, Mai dan Am, tak lupa juga Nisa', an awesome team we have here! 

Bak kata K-Ai, no matter what happens, we still a team! *ohh, touched!

Thanks for the memory. It is mixed, yet happiness still the most! :')

'Sekali kita berkawan, selamanya tetap kawan! >.< '

Semoga semuanya sukses, amiin!

Wallahu'alam, wassalam.

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