Saturday, March 03, 2012

rindu :'(

"Air yang dicincang takkan putus."

(Sunway Pyramid, 2010)

It has been a while since last gathering of all five of us. And now, it's time for me to miss this moment.

5 siblings, 3 at KL, one at Egypt and another one at hometown.

Different places may distance our bodies, yet it cannot take my mind far from all of you :')

5 siblings, 3 married, 2 single.

We are heading to build our own family institution, yet it does not mean we forget the one we already have.

Ijat, come back faster. Once u are in Malaysia, and all of us gather, let's take thousands of pictures of all of us.

Somehow, these days, I keep reminiscing my childhood moments, surrounded by my elder brothers and sisters. Being the last, I was the princess of the family. Everyone concerned too much about me back then. Growing up, they know and want me to stand on my own feet. And now, I miss to be the princess again.

Elder brothers and sister,
I may look matured right now. But still, I am your youngest sister, right? :')

Be good and do well, brothers and sisters.

Abang Mat, Kak Tie, Ijat and Konah. Tengs for existing.

tengs for such precious eternal gifts for me. I am really thankful to have them as my flesh and blood.

Berkasih hingga ke syurga.

Wallahu'alam, wassalam.

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Madiey Kamal said...

alalalalal very23x touching la...sdihnye...rsa nk tbik jah air mata nih..;)
pape pn thnks..