Sunday, January 01, 2012

Selamat Tinggal 106 :')

Assalamualaikum wbt.

It has been more than a week I left KC 106, but still I remember every moments that we shared together, roomies.

For past 2nd semester, as not all students were taking it, so I needed to find new roomies because my previous roomies of 901 were not taking this short sem. Therefore, I found Siti Khairunnisa', or I used to call her Sitiku. Then the senior from front door of 902 offered me herself with another buddy to stay altogether with us. That made all of us the stayer of KC 106 of 2nd semester.

Sitiku was and is my classmate. In fact, she will gonna to be my classmate for the 3rd sem as well. So, need not to story much about her, as she does not need more introduction. Enough to say that she is someone that I know and it was pretty good situation for me to live in a same room with my classmate. We could discuss about our lesson together, we may ask each other if there was any assignment adn homework that should be finished, we could get ready and off to the class together. It was nice and thanks to Sitiku for being a good company for me.

But seriously, I would like to convey my apologize for you for not being a good roommate as well as classmate. I was not competitive enough for you and my craziness towards Korean might be affected you to not study as well. Chongmal biande for that. It was unintentional and I personally think that we need our own inner determination if we are going to stay together again. I hope I was not too influental towards you.

The girl at the right is my sunbae. She was my neighbour of front door when we stayed at level 9 during our first sem in CFS. But then on second semester, we were fated to stay together. This 2nd sem was her last sem in CFS, before pursuing to degree in Gombak.

Seriously, she is a good senior. A senior that I can rely on all the time. I could not deny that she was among the people that introduced me closer to Korean wave, but I could not deny as well that she was also the one among the people that took very good care of me along my short sem. She was really my guardian and I felt safe whenever I was with her. So, a giant thanks to Kak Krun for being so protective and reliable. I really appreciate our moments together.

She introduced me to Running Man, which is currently my favourite variety show that manage to burst my laughter when I really need to laugh. When I watch RM, I can't help myself from remembering Kak Krun. She was too nice. As the new watcher, I asked and commented on too many things in RM, and she commented and answered me all the time kindly.

We kept fighting about RM, and that was actually enclosured she and I. I kept saying that her HaHa was short, fat, stubborn as well as hot tempered. While she criticised my Kim Jong Kook as a very hot tempered man. But then, we laughed as we know both of us were just joking.

But, regarding to how many times I have laughed because of RM that was introduced by her, I really should thank her very much. RM has been a therapy to me, whenever I think I need laugh. And Kak Krun, please accept my gratitude as well for being a vey good, nice, kind and daebak sunbae for me. Chincha, this sunbae has become my unnie. Chongmal kamsamhamnida, unnie! :')

Meet Siti Nursyahirah Tharmizi. She is my new friend. A genius girl sponsored by MARA. She was my sunbae by semester, as she enrolled to CFS by using SPM trial results. She registered into CFS since January, which on that time, I was still enjoying the holidays after finishing SPM.

Regarding to this girl, I was the first person who she used 'kau-aku' , and she went to night market (or Syahirah called that thing as lambak) for the first time with me. And I think there were more first time things that occured between us, but I just manage to memorize two :D

Btw, a good friend, she is, indeed. She adviced me a lot about life. Her determination somehow impressed me. She woke up daily on 5.30am, heading to toilet to take bath. At 11 pm, she will off to sleep. A discipline girl, yes she was. She was a positive person who never thought something bad. She cared very much about her relation with her friends. She scared enough to hurt people's heart. She feared enough to lose connection with ALLAH. She concerned both, hablum minan nas, as well as hablum minallah. And that was how she amazed me.

She inspired me as well. She watched Korea also, but still her CGPA was daebak! She also enjoyed RM, but still her GPA was awesome! She followed both dramas and songs of Korea, but still she managed to perform well in her study. And those things led me to think, if she can stay as best student eventhough she admired Korea to death, why can't I?


terima kasih kerana ada di sisi aku.
terima kasih kerana jadi roommate aku.
terima kasih kerana nasihatkan aku.
terima kasih kerana ingatkan aku.
terima kasih kerana bangunkan aku.
terima kasih kerana dengar masalah aku.
terima kasih kerana lihat aku menangis.
terima kasih kerana selalu mengerti aku.

dan terima kasih banyak-banyak,
kerana sentiasa ada untuk aku.


That is a little story from KC 106. When I flashback our moments there, I will automatically smile. I got new nickname, which is Jemah, created by Syahirah. She said that it was too hard for her to call me MJ, so instead of that, she preferred Jemah. Therefore, I called her Jemah as well, because for me Syahirah was too long and if I shorten it into Syaera, I might misunderstand her as my Syaera (Norsyahiirah Musiman) which was my previous roomie of 901.

With akak, we used to chat by using word 'nyah', as akak acted as that kind of people for her Law Soc presentation. Nyahhh youuu! :D

And Sitiku, she was my roomie, classmate, yet she was my rival as well. But again, sorry for not being a good competitor. We should compete better. A healthy competition.

Girls, tengs for the sweet 7 weeks that we had gone through together. It was awesome to have you girls as roomies. And huge tengs for the moments that we shared together. Sorry for all wrongdoings of mine. Indeed, I made many mistakes and I'm really sorry for that. And please halal all the things that I took from u girls, intentionally or not :D

Chongmal biande, chingu :)

Ke mana pun kita lepas ni, dengan siapa pun roomate kita lepas ni, just remember this sentence. Sekali kita berkawan, selamanya tetap kawan. Arasso?

May ALLAH bless you girls.

Wallahu'alam, wassalam.

p/s : Jemah, sorry for stealing your pic from FB. I just realised that none of your picture is in my Acer. omo omo !

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