Sunday, January 22, 2012

Safe journey, loves :)

Assalamualaikum wbt.

She is a person who rarely says no to whatever I ask her to do and to go. Logically, we share same ideas and opinions. But sometimes, she criticised my taste, so do I towards hers. She is the oldest, and I am the youngest, but still we share lots of things together. Maybe I am too matured, or maybe she is the one who childish. Childish as in, she can understand a mind of a kid like me. Huh, kid la sangat aku ni kannn. haha :D

I always envy her. She is the one who always get praised by parents. She is creative, she is very wise at choosing and shopping, she is very smart in Maths. And yes, I envy her very much. But then I accept the fact that each of us has our own advantages. Those are her advantages, and I have my own. Nothing to be jealous of. It is better for us to combine our advantages for the sake of our parents, right? :)

I know she endured herself much lately. I was the one who always challenge her anger. I did so many things that sometimes were not acceptable by mind, but she rarely showed her anger. She kept it herself, rather than scolding me all the times. Sometimes I did not satisfy with her, but when I thought again about what we had gone through together, I realized that I could not let my anger to her.

That's the magic of blood relation, where you can't find in any relations in the world. This is the only one. Blood relation. Because eventhough everything happens, still the connection is on. You cannot cut it out. It is fated.

She taught me many things, and lately she indirectly teaches me to be stronger and tougher. It is not compulsary, but a necessary.

Sister, thanks for everything. Especially for gaining a lot of patience to handle the naught me, as well as to bring smiles and laughs on Mak and Ayah's faces. It's so heaven to see they happy.

Kak Tie, Abang Naim, Mak dan Ayah,
Safe journey there.
enjoy the moments :)

May ALLAH bless.

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