Sunday, January 01, 2012


assalamualaikum wbt.

Still in a shock. My friend which I skyped with, asked me this :

"Maryam, u get involed with Korea? Who dragged u into it? What happened to Maryam Kamal?"

*something like those above la. It's not 100% correct ya.*

Then I keep asking myself same questions.

I couldn't agree more, that once, I hate Korea the most. And I kept wondering why people admire Korea. But now, when I am in their shoes, I can't say anything, because I treasure the feel myself.

So people, just please don't look down to people like me. I challenge you, just try to be in our shoes, then it will be the best explanation to you, why we admire Korea.

But somehow, no matter how many advantages from watching Korea that I can list, still, the disadvantages seem more. Perhaps I need to cure myself from thise disease faster, before the virus breed and stay in Maryam Kamal forever. Nauzubillah.

Disease? Yes. I categorized watching Korea as a disease. It makes me addicted, which I should not be. I realized as well that peope around me are trying to tell me about it. Thanks to u people, I realize that. So please move to the next step, which is helping me out of this disease.

Please, do help me curing it. I want to, I just don't have the strength to do so. It is not a sin watching these things, but it will be if I pay more attention to them, rather than other prior things.

I may be able to not watch Korean dramas, but about Running Man, I need to reconsider. By any chance, RM always brings me to laughter, eventhough at the same time the laugh burst, the tears will cascade on my cheek as well. In simpler words, by watching RM, I may laugh and cry at the mean time. Isn't that good? :D

A simple review about RM. Why I love them? Because they are friends, and family as well. They have no blood relation, but still, their relations are much better than people who have blood relation each other. They fight, but they love. They cheat, but they honest.

Kalaulah Malaysia ada rancangan sekualiti ini....

Okay. Look. Let take this thing simpler. It is not wrong to involve in Korean things, but don't go over the boundary. Be moderate.


That's all. Btw, tengs to that skype fella for waking me up. Kamsamhamnida :) May ALLAH bless. Amiin.


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