Saturday, January 21, 2012

It's not good, but actually the best for me.


Late at night last night, my friend told me something. Something that was very bad, until if I was given choices, I will choose to not know it.

It is a matter related to heart. A typical heart of mine. A very soft and weak. Lifeless. Restless. And sometimes, useless.

But then, when I compared my grief with my friends', I found that mine was the lighest. I recalled the moment when I met Syarifah Aimi Syed Mohamed. She looked damn cool, eventhough she just lost her father a few days ago. While me? A sadness over a small thing? huh =.='

Somehow, the news that my friend told me did leave a deep effect in my heart. But, my tears seemed unwilling to burst. It was extremely not a good news for me, but I did not feel more than a disappointment. A tiny tower of hope collapsed, maybe. So as the people who used to bear the pain of collapsing tower of hope, I managed to control the feeling well. I mean, I was not hurted too much.

The news was not a good one for me, but it actually the best. Perhaps it may enclose me with my ALLAH. Amiin.

Btw, what was the news? Do I need to mention it specifically? Maybe not :) But YOU, please read this poem wholeheartedly.

Ku bebaskan engkau,
Dengan penuh rela.
Dengan hati luka,
Kita terpisah jua.

Ku hanya berdua,
Agar kau bahagia,
Bersama si dia,
Insan yang kau suka.

Semoga kau berjaya,
Menggapai cita-cita,
Yang menantimu setia,
Di hadapan sana.

I was stupid to take you into my heart. But I don't want to remain as idiot, to keep you in there. And now, I am ready, mentally and physically to let you go. So please, have your way out of my heart.

Me? heh (",)

Wallau'alam, wassalam.

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