Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011 dalam kenangan.


Asslamualaikum wbt.

1 Januari 2012.

Another new year comes.

2011 left me with many memoriable things.

January 2011 : I enjoyed my holiday after finishing SPM on December 2010.

February 2011 : Struggled hard to finish my driving course in AMSA.

March 2011 : Here came the hard moments. SPM results.

April & May 2011 : These two moths did torture me well. While my buddies were preparing themselves to further study, yet I was still crying at home for failing to see my name in any application, neither matriks, maktab nor IPTA.

June 2011 : The sun finally appeared. Only in few minutes, ALLAH cured the pain in my heart. A gift from heaven came to me :)

July, August and Sept 2011 : ALLAH met me up with new people. The more the behaviors, the more the experience.

Oct 2011 : Great effort resulted to happiness :)

Nov 2011 : Short sem of 2011, met new friends :)

Dec 2011 : The year ended.



It was the month of holiday and relax :D After giving all out for SPM and said goodbye to secondary school, I travelled to KL. Stayed there for quite a moment, mostly at Kak Tie's house. Seriously, I learnt many things about my family. Lot of things were revealed automatically, and there I learnt how to be a better member to my family.


I joined driving class in order to get my driving license. I was doing it in Bangi. To be specific, Akademi Memandu Shah Alam (AMSA) of Bangi branch. I met some new friends there named Maryam Afifah, Syakila and Amirah. But till now, only Syakila is the only one who still keeps in touch with me. I have no idea about others :D


The scariest month of 2011. The SPM results was announced. It was a hard moment for me because I had to confront my parents and saw their frustrated towards me of not getting excellent results. I was so sorry for myself for not getting straight A's, but I felt more sorry towards my parents for dissappointing them.

I also managed to get my P driving license during this month. Alhamdulillah :) *nak riak sikit : sekali test je tau, terus dapat LULUS. Terima kasih Encik JPJ :))))


During these months, the results of applications to further study to SPM candidates 2010 were announced. Firstly, matriculation. I failed. But I didn't concern too much, as I myself had no intention to go there, a place where all science people live :D

Next, UPU results. My first choice was Tamhidi Syariah Undang-undang of Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia. I was quite confident that I may go there, unfortunately the results was negative. My name was not listed in any university. The tower of hope began to collapse.

I told myself to stay positive. I built another tower of hope to maktab perguruan. I attended the interview, and it went well. Instead of asking me confidential question, the interviewers just asked me simple question such as what was my hobby, what was the book that I was currently reading and few more. Plus, my family and friends managed to convince me that the chance for me to break the wall to maktab was very clear and bright.

And no, there were wrong. Yes, the tower of hope collapsed again. This was the worst moment of 2011 that I will remember always. My failure. No, not failure. But failures. I failed so many times, until I almost gave up to try again. After knowing the maktab results that started with 'Nama anda tiada dalam senarai permohonan yang berjaya', I cried right away in front of my daddy. And I will as well remember his face. His worried face. Sorry dad, I made you frustrated and worried at the same time.


It was 30th of May, I still remember vividly. It was Friday, about afternoon. There were three envelopes in my hand. Appeal letters which were adressed to USIM Nilai, CFS IIUM PJ as well as Ministry of High Education Putrajaya. My dad insisted to appeal face to face with those parties.

Our first destination was CFS IIUM as it was the nearest. We were brought by a relative to meet an officer from A&R Department and within minutes, he accepted the appeal and asked me to register to CFS on the next Monday which was in another two days.

ALLAH showered me with love after he rained me with difficulties. On that moment, I realized very much that everything was in ALLAH's hand. If He wanted me to enter CFS IIUM, He will put me there, in any ways.


It was registration month! :) I registered myself as student of Foundation of Laws on 2nd June altogether with first intake students. With two days preparation, I could see the hard effort my parents did in order to ensure that my basic needs were enough as we prepared in such of rushing and hurry.

July, August and September.

New place, new environment and new people. I met so many people that I'd never thought to meet. I made new friends, as well as maybe there were some people who dislike me because of certain things. I am not being negative, but truly, there was, because I maybe was not up to their standards to be a friend.

I learned to be more independent. Need to plan my budget on myself. Need to manage time on myself. Need to motivate myself as there were no parents around to scold and advice me.


Results of 1st sem appeared and I managed to create smiles on many faces, satistying with my results. Alhamdulillah :)

And on 27th Oct, please welcome my new nephew :) Muhammad Irham Hakeem, say hi to your older Hakeems :D


Registration of 2nd sem. Met new friends and roomies. And seriously dragged into Korea wave :D


Somehow, I found that it was hard to maintain the good results. Maybe it was really the results itself, or maybe it was me who was more playful than previous sem.


The year ended and was closed calmly. Nothing more happen. The last month seemed to be the closing of a plot.


Alhamdulillah, a year passed.
Alhamdulillah, for still give me the chance to be where and what am I today.
Alhamdulillah for the love.
Alhamdulillah for the life.
Alhamdulillah for the laugh.
Alhamdulillah for the lesson.

Alhamdulillah for everything, ya ALLAH.

Guys, always believe in ALLAH. He will never put you in much difficulties, more than easiness. If your hard time comes, stay tough and take it as a lesson from ALLAH. He is teaching you to become stronger. Trust me, I knew that.

Happy new year 2012. May this year provides something better than past years.

Wallahu'alam, wassalam.

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nurul iman said...

wahh...english terus... berlawanan ngn alia . alia rasa alia nak memartabatkan bahasa melayu buat masa ni . huhu .

lets bygone be bygone .

:D lets start the first step to create our parents' smiles .

Maryam Kamal said...

have to get used with this language, my dear. but not to forget our beloved mother tounge :)

all the best, SPM 2012 candidate! :P