Friday, November 25, 2011

War Crimes Tribunal Tries 2011 @ KL.

Assalamualaikum wbt.

On last 23rd Nov 2011, I attended this trial. I attended the last day, so I just need to listen for the result of the trial. I was fully and safely guarded by my senior, who is my roomie as well. Again, K.Nisa, tengs for the high level of security. Seriously, she never failed to lay her eyes on me every ten seconds :D

We arrived there at the morning, took our breakfast before enjoying the trial. Then, the court rested for lunch as well as for the judges' decision. We have about 4 hours to be burnt till the results was announced.

We took the opportunity to pay our visit to nearby interesting locations such as National Mosque and Islamic Museum. And for sure, we snapped many pics :)

This trial was actually dedicated for those of the victims of the wars that was created by US under the ruling of Tony Blair and George Bush.

A huge appreciation to Kak Nisa' for allowing me to follow her. Actually, this trip opened only for senior students. But since I was free on that Tuesday, so Kak Nisa' bring me along and willingly became my guradian. Tengkieeee :)

Peace no war! ;)

Wallahu'alam, wassalam.

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