Monday, November 21, 2011

Another year counts, unnie :)


Thanks for accepting me into your life.
I know, it's not easy to deal with stranger into your routine,
But thanks for giving me the golden opportunity to be with you.
I know I may not be able to ease your suffer,
But sharing and listening from you is more than enough for me.

Anyhow, thanks for the trust.
Thanks for keeping me believe to stay strong in my days,
Because I know there are more people that are suffering much more than me.

Thanks for teaching me the things that my lecturers will never be able to,
Thanks for telling me the reality of life.
Thanks for realizing me that life is not as wonderful as in Korea's dramas.
Thanks for giving me a chance to appear in your life.

Stay strong, sister.
Because ALLAH will never disappoint you.
He will grant and reward you affordable things.
If not now, please stay a step longer.
He still will, at Hereafter.

In short,
Thanks for everything! :)
Just believe that HE will never degraded nice people like you! Insya ALLAH! ;)

Kak LD,

Semoga terus dikurniakan ilham dan idea untuk terus menulis dan berkarya, demi menyalurkan ilmu kepada umat manusia. Saya yakin, akak akan sentiasa sihat dan insya ALLAH, panjang umur serta murah rezki. Amiin.

Regards with heartiest loveS ;) ,
MJ .
(formerly known as Maryam Kamal :D )


Credits to :

1) Syahirah's lappy. Kamsammida :)
2)Gambar : FB Lynn Dayana (from the album of Subang Parade's Launching Book)

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