Thursday, June 09, 2011

When a little girl misses her daddy...

He was the one who rushed to his notebook, opened it and read the contents for me. Till this sec, I still remember. ALLAH will never betray His people. He will never do something bad. Anything He does, there must  be hidden message behind that you will know, after you face the obstacle first.

He was the one who approached me who was looking at the screen of laptop,reading the sentences that broke my heart, which I failed to grab any place at IPTA through my UPU application. He came to me, stood by me for a sec, then put his bare hand on my shoulders, while advising me to be tougher than I used to be. He then created a smile for me, although I know that he himself did not want to see that smile again, as he knew that the way he smiled was not like he did before. It was fake. But still, he wanted to smile to me, because he wanted to see me smile.

He was the one who sat by me, right after I told him that I failed again in my application.For that time, I failed in my maktab application. And he just sat down besides me, put his hands on my back and whispered his magic words to my ears. He was sort of pleading me to stay tough, and face those pain moments patiently.

He was the one who asked me to buy a sweater, which I never thought to have one. It was not expensive from the value of Ringgit Malaysia, but it was expensive from the value of sentimental. And it is proven that I really need a sweater, as the lecture halls here are very cool. I need to wear a sweater in order to prevent myself from freezing. And I will use his suggested sweater. Thank you for suggesting something important that was not in my 'want to but' list. He really cared about me!

And now, I'm missing him.

This morning, I made a phone call to my home phone number. And as predicted, he answered that call. I felt like crying when I listened to his voice. We then shared stories. He told me about his life, healthy and Iqbal. While me, I told him about my new life. He advised me a lot!

 Don't take water from watercooler, as it is not too good. Drink water that is from my own kettle. As I'm having sorethroats, he asked me to buy Strepsils. It might be expensive than other sorethroats candy cure, but it is good. Then he asked me to join any society club, in order to teach me how to communicate with people surround me better. He asked me to take shariah degree altogether with my civil degree. He asked told me that people who can master various languages are superb people, so he wanted me to be one of those superbs. He then advised to adapt myself with this new situation.

Seriously, I felt like crying!! I used to listen those advices lively from him. But now, I just can listen to those magic words through phone. And that was the first call conversation between us since I am here. My siblings know that my father rarely talk to the phone. So, if there's anything we want to tell olders, we will tell to our mom. But this morning, my dad proved that he also can create a nice and fun conversation with his children, if he is given chances to do so.

Insya ALLAH, I will call my dad frequently after this.

But not forgotten, I will always miss my mom also. No worries mummy and daddy. I miss you both :)

p/s :It seems like I do blogging frequently, right? Yeahhhh.. My class will only start on next week. So this week, hip hip horray firsttttt! ;)

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naeims_ab said...

i feel like crying too while read this entry. superb..

Madiey Kamal said...

miss ur mummy n daddy je ke...ur sister ni cmne?

Maryam Kamal said...

inche naim, sungguhkah? menangis? x macho langsung :P

konah, tak rendu ponnnnn :P

Madiey Kamal said...

waaaaaaaaaa...smpai htimu dik...