Thursday, June 09, 2011

Thanks God for that!

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Okay, back to normal. :) I mean, let us talk about something which is more fun than talking about my so-called siswi life, hokkay ;)

I read two NST consecutively, starting with NST on 7th and 8th June. (Okkayyyy, I've to admit, it is so rare for a Maryam Kamal to read NST! :D ) But since it can be bought easily at K-Shoppe here, so I just bought. And again, I have to admit that I bought those newspaper because I wanted to improve my English skills, as I knew that I am currently in a situation which most of all people around me can speak English well, and of course much better than me!

Then I followed a topic which I assumed that as an interested one. I am not sure whether this news is also reported in any other Malay newspapers, but regarding to the report, this news is reported in NST of 5th June, if I'm not mistaken.

It is about a statement by Dr Rohaya Mohamad, the President of Obedient Wives Club (OWC) which stated that a wife should be better than a first class prostitute in order to prevent the husband from straying.

First time knowing such statement, I just act like normal. For me, who is not a wife (yet), I feel nothing. But since I read following letters sent by readers that disagree with that statement, I think twice to act like normal. Yes, I think again about this statement.

How come a Muslim woman like her, who should understand Islam better, and who should know what is the real purpose of marriage institution in Islam, can say such things? How come she says that a wife should be better than a prostitute? Wife is wife, who is validly married by a man to a woman. But prostitute? One night stand woman? Is that level is same to wife's?

And the way she says that, it seems like a marriage institution is just based on lust and desires, not love, neither because of want to fulfill the responsbility as a Muslim.

I am quite sad with such statement. Somehow, I feel that she is saying that a wife's job is just to satisfy her husband's life. Hello! That is not the only duty of a wife, okay!

But after I did reading on some letters sent by people which are published in NST, giving their feedbacks on that statement, I feel sort of proud. Most of the letters sent by men, who disagree with that statement. They are really gentlemen, as they explain their opinion of disagreeing from the angle of men. Some of them are saying that marriage is not to entertain husbands only, but also wives. And relationships that happen between husbands and wives are not kinda of relationships that occur between masters and slaves. Husbands and wives' relations are more noble than such relations between masters and slaves.

 For short, it means that there are still nice men in this world. The gentlemen are still exist! Thanks ALLAH for that! ;)

There are few opinions given by alim ulama',such as former mufti of Perlis, Dr MAZA, which he says that people should be aware of this OWC as it has a relation with Al Arqam.But somehow, mufti of Perak, does agree with statement of Dr Rohaya.

And an info that I knew from a letter, that sender says that Dr Rohaya herself is one of four wives in her own marriage. In harsh words, if she is practising the suggestion that she suggested to the wives, why must her husband marries with many women? Is not that call as straying?

Ok, people. I know that I am not big enough to talk about this, but it is kinda of fun to talk about something that is I care about.

Marriage is a noble relation. Never destroy the love from this relation with something taint.


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