Tuesday, June 07, 2011

And the new journey started :)


Huwaaaaaaaa! It has been a long time since my last update, yar?

Who knows that the last post updated few days ago, was my last date a jobless girl? Naaa.. it does not mean that I am now is working at anywhere. But I am now, am doing something that might be cliche for me, but I am very eager to restart it.

Yeah, learning, studying or whatsoever that u call, as long as it means, BELAJAR ! :)

Life as IPTA student is not as fun as we thought, if it is filled with nothing. But yes, it is fun when you fill it with experiences that you gain day by day!

I really should present my huge thanks to The Almighty for giving me this chance. This golden chance that will never come again in my life, if I did not accept this.

Then, my parents for being so patient to face all the obstacles altogether with me, without leaving me alone although for a second, for being very hardworking in order to ensure I can get what I dream of. Tengs mak and ayah! ;)

My family... brothers and sisters, without your endless support, I may not be what I am today. I may not as strong as I am today. I may fall a long time ago, but you guys always support me up. Tengkieee siblings! ;)

Seniors and friends.. Tengs for the words that comfort me well. Tengs for the sharings that raise my spirit up. Tengs for the tears that make me appreciate the laughs. Tengs for everything, my dears! :)

And YOU.. the readers. Without all of girls, without you patience to read and understand all my entries, and without your comments that make me happy, I may not be as tough as now. THANK YOU. Only ALLAH may reward you the best for being so nice to me :)

And here, in CFS IIUM Petaling Jaya Campus, as the first year student of Laws Programme, my new journey started.

Wish me all the best. And you girls too.

Regards with love,
MJ :)

p/s : MJ is my new nickname here. So, people.. Please get used to call me as MJ, no longer Maryam, neither Che Yam. But I will still love the MK.. because it reminds me of my hero. Ohh Maryam KAMAL :)

p/p/s : I miss that KAMAL and his wife, ASIAH very much. OMG!!!~

Wallahu'alam, wassalam.

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Anonymous said...

MJ?(mata kat atas peluk tubuh)..ok whatever..and now i proudly present my 2 spidermen..the black and the red one..as you wish

Maryam Kamal said...

haha. please show some respect to my new nick, kakak ipar! :P