Sunday, May 15, 2011

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, a message appeared at my cutie SE T303. A message from someone that I never predicted that she will send me such message. She asked for my advices after she told me that she was facing with problems.

I, who was never thought beyond my expectation, just gave her some simple advices, which I used to give to my juniors when they met me for the same reason. I don't know why, but some people do met me based on the reason that they needed my words to heal the wounds in their hearts.

Sometimes, all the pleasure is mine when I am told by people that my words may comfort them. But at the other time, I do asking myself, if my words will comfort other hearts, whose words will comfort mine? Till today, I found no answer for that. Sounds selfish, huh? :|

Okay, back to topic.

After that messaging period, we faced the days afterwards like nothing happened. Both of us always bumped in altogether, but I did not know why we must act like we did not know each other, or at least, we never chatted even in the phone. But then, she sent me a letter followed by her own written poems that described what she was suffering. I mean, what she is suffering. And really, what she is suffering, was really beyond my expectation. My simple advices could not treat that problem.

To make it fair and square, I tried myself to also reply her with poems. I kew that I was not as good as her and my talent was not as great as hers, but at least, I tried to put smiles on her lips by writting poems with funny and inaccurate words. Even the smiles was not too nice as they came from pale lips, I felt like I was rained by ice when I managed to see she smiled.

Then I remembered, on one day of examination, after the exam period, she came and met me under the bunga tanjung tree. First time we met with four eyes, I did not know how to manage our conversation well. She was really a small stone's throw away from me. She looked shy to express what was actually in her mind. But, from that a stone's throw away distance, I could find that her face expressed a huge problem. And as predicted, she was still suffering for the same problem. And she is.

After that so-called-dating, we met for several times. To be frank, she was very lucky because she was surrounded by those people that loved her very much. She had a gang which was very lovely and nice. And I did wondered myself, with those great people she had around her, why did she find me? A nothing person, but with some words that might comfort her? Ignored the answer, I gave my best to calm her.

Seriously, knowing her problem was a very giant surprise for me. I never though that such happy go lucky and cute girl was not as I thought. She needed someone to share the burden which was much bigger than her frame. She was too small to have such big problem.

Knowing that we were in the same boat, which was we were facing healthy problems, I coaxed myself to share mine with her, as she shared hers with me. I opened the largest secret in me to her. I did not know how she accepted the facts that I was not as noble as she thought. But still, I will always remember the moment that I told her about my problem, then she hugged me, comforted me with her words and our tears altogether burst down just like rainy season on December every year.

I am not sure what has happened, but for sure, ALLAH sent her someone that is really really great. Much greater than me. Someone that will sacrifice everything to her, eventhough they do not have any blood realtion. Someone that will do anything to grant her happiness everafter. Someone that will do everything she may do in order to produce endless beautiful smiles on that pale lips. They became closer, much closer than she and I before.

I did care at first. But when the time passed, I realised that ALLAH knows the best. So, I am not the best for her. I was a good person, but not best enough to her. So, HE sends her someone who is the best for her. I know that I cannot be as good as that someone, so I let her go to that person. But still, I watch every steps of her from far. At least, from a stone's throw away distance. I just get ready to help her, in case if that someone is not there for her. But till today, I am still a stone's throw away from her, because that someone never leaves her to be alone. That someone really gives the best care to her.

I missed many things about her since that someone appears. But I am not worry as I know that someone will never ignore her, like I did several times before. She really deserves someone better to take care of her. Plus, that someone really amazes me with every words and actions of her. Congratulations and thanks for taking care that much to my friend.

To u ; my friend,
I know that I am not the best. Because knowing that I am not the best, ALLAH sends u the better one. So, be happy. No worry. I will still stand by you to watch you, eventhough we are separated by time and distance nowadays. Please be strong as u used to do.

Sayang, u knew that I love you. But trust, u will never know how much my love for you. Take good care of yourself and never miss your pills.

About my healthy problem, please don't worry. I am getting better. I got the cure and please always pray that ALLAH grants me the best healthy for myself. As I always pray for you. And please, let secret remains as secret ya! ;)

Jangan nakal-nakal di sana. May ALLAH sends you another guardian angel there, so that there will be someone to watch you nearer than me :)

I will always love you, sayang. Oh ya. Sends my heartiest regards to your Raj ya ;)

To u ; someone,
thanks for your speacial appearance. I really should thank you very much for every single things that has happened since you come to our life. May ALLAH pays your kind with the best reward. I love you, also :)

Dear ALLAH, please. Never let my friend far away from us. At least, from her someone. Alhamdulillah for everything, my Greatest.


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