Friday, May 20, 2011

Mommy and Daddy's Baby :)

Peace be with u.

As usual, after yesterday's pathetic post, here it comes a merrier post. Why did I say as usual? Yeah, as usual. After a sad post, there must be a happier post following after that. To cover the sadness of yesterday :)

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.

I can say that I am much better than yesterday, even much better than any bad days for me. Yeah, at first, I am not really good in handling my feelings. So I just spilled everything out. But then, since this is not my first time, so I can manage this situation better :)

Yeah. Yesterday was a history. A huge history. I cried by my dad for a sec, before I told him that I failed to grab any place at IPG for June intake. Then, he stood up, went overhere and there, then he sat down beside me. With his bare hands on my back, he said something that I really wanted to listen. He did say the same words, just like what he said when I failed to get any place at IPTA  few weeks ago. But, you know.. He is my father. My hero. Whatever he says, that words will calm me down, no matter what. Alhamdulillah for that. But the period was quite long. I cried shamelessly in front of him, which was I never did so. And that's why I said, yesterday was a history.

Oo daddy. I know, far in his deep heart core, he was also frustrated. Plus, seeing I was crying lively in front him, he must be shocked and I guarantee that he never thought that I will do that in front him. But still, he tried his best to gimme best words. Ayah, tengs for all those words. :)

My mommy. I told her about my IPG result late at evening, as she just returned from her evening-session school. She was really shocked when I told her that news. I acted normally, because all my tears already burst during my conversation with Scha. So, I acted like this thing did not give any big impact to me. But through her instinct, which is the biggest gift from ALLAH to the all mothers in the world, she knew that I am really sad.

Then, I said nothing. So she did. She went to bed early last night. And when I opened my FB late at night, I found a message sent by her before she slept to my private inbox. Just like my daddy, she wrote many things that I really need to upload to my mindsetting. I then apologised her for making both she and my father frustrated. But then she replied me, both of them will never frust and will always pray for my success. She asked me to be stronger and she will always stand by me. Ohh my! Yeah. I cried again.

From the words that came from both my most favourite persons in the world, I realized a thing. I am not alone to face this hard moments. I have my mother and my father altogether with me, who will walk with me without any tireness, and will always support me if I feel like dying or falling to the earth.

So, since I have installed all those magic words to my mindsetting, what do u expect me to do? For sure I will stay positive :)

A month more to go. Yeah, waiting is torture. But I will not just wait. I will do other things while I am waiting. I can do all the things that other people who go early to their institutes cannot do. I can stay at my home sweet home longer while other siswa and siswi-to-be have to stay at hostel instead of their heaven. I still can watch my parents faces everyday, while my friends miss their parents much.

And the best part is, for sure, ALLAH has planned something better for me. Just wait and see! :) Provided, if I can wait for couples of months before, why can't I wait for another month? Right? ;)

Mommy and daddy, tengs for those magic words that comfort me well. I now found the answer. In the previous post, I did write that if my words will comfort other hearts, whose will comfort mine, right? And now, I met the answer. I wonder, if this 'tragedy' did not take place, I must be still in confuse, thinking for the answer.

The answers are, my mommy and daddy's words. Yeah, I am their baby, remember? :)

Tengs ALLAH, for everything. Especially for those great people around me (,") (",)

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