Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Keep standing.

Katy Perry said that, after a hurricane comes a rainbow.

Hana Fedora said, there'll be rainbow after every storm.

So I accepted all the words and sentences. I'll stay standing here, waiting for the rainbow to appear, although the hurricanes are attacking me, even the storms are killing me.

But I am wondering. What will happen, if I lost my patience somedays? Since the hurricanes and storms manage to put me in lost situation, can I still stand like nothing has happened on me?

But then I remembered a thing, that I should always do not forget.

Allah said, in His Holy Quran, On no soul doth ALLAH place a burden greater than it can bear. (Al Baqarah : 286 )

Yes. Bear that in your mind and keep standing, Maryam.

p/s : Irna, your message a few hours ago reminded me to the thing that I don't want to remember, neither to feel. It's bad!

p/p/s : People, you may say that I am still in grief. Well, for me, it is much better than being in grave :D

p/p/p/s : It's obvious that this is a self-comfort post. So, feel free to ignore this :) But I will appreciate any comfort words. Tengs buddieszzz! <3

3 love letta(s):

irnasofia said...

erk, i didn't mean it. tapi i sangat sangat bngga ngan yam!hebat!

qyqa mokhtar said...

terus berdiri yam atas kaki.

biar rasa lenguh, duduk kejap n kembali berdiri dear... ^^

Maryam Kamal said...

irna, but tengs for that. it taught me to be tougher to face bitter facts :) tengs Hun ;)

tiqah.. terima kasih... :')