Monday, May 30, 2011

A gift from heaven.


On one morning, a girl with her family stepped to a gateway, with thousands of hopes that she will be here again one fine day. While waiting for someone to come, they sat down on branches nearby the Malik Faisal Hall. Her father went to nearby surau. Maybe he wanted to perform dhuha or hajat prayer, perhaps.

That young man who was being waited, came with smile, and in couples minutes later, all of them ; the girl, her father, her mother, her sisters and altogether that young man, walked into an office. They later met a person and had a talked with that person.

But a few minutes before entering the office, the girl said to herself to never build any tower of hope, yet she had suffered because of some same towers before.

"Good results you had here." that person said.

The girls just nodded her head. She had nothing to say since that person seemed very interested with her fotocopy of SPM results.

In a short of time, a simple conversation was held between that person, the girl and the girl's father. Then, that person said ;

"Okay, you may come this Monday for registration. Please discuss with my officer about your offer letter."

And soon, the conversation ended when that person was in rush for another business.

And then, that was a gift from heaven.

And insya ALLAH, three days after that one day, which is tomorrow, I will register myself as a Law student at Foundation Center of International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) Petaling Jaya, insya ALLAH.

Just pray for my best, and like my Scha said, at last, the rainbow appears. And I, happily and officially pronounced that the rainbow is all mine, not others, neither the sun's. But mine.

 [nice huh? berbaloi-baloi I tunggu ;) ]

Oo Allah. Tengs for this greatest gift. Yes, what Dr MAZA said, is all true.

"Apabila ALLAH mahu mengurniakan ketenangan kepada kita, tiada satu tangan pun yang boleh menghalangnya. Tetapi jika ALLAH tidak mahu mengurniakan ketenangan itu, tidak akan ada satu tangan pun yang bisa menghulurkannya."

And people, please substitute the word 'ketenangan' onto 'anugerah' . :)

Yes, it is not a short, neither simple journey to reach the rainbow. But trust me, at first, maybe you'll be sick of all around you along the journey. But then, once you enjoy the journey, you will get a lot of knowledges from each of your steps. They may be nice, or sweet. But not impossible, those knowledges might be bitter and hard to accept. But when they are mixed altogether, they will totally become one thing named EXPRIENCE :)

May ALLAH bless all of us, insya ALLAH.

Wallahu'alam, wassalam~

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Anonymous said...

rahmat,rezeki,nikmat come in many forms, in many depends on how we look at it and appreciate it..

lee yaH =] said...

ما شاء الله