Monday, April 25, 2011

Thanks to u, Valentina Nervosa.

current issues ~ people are still talking about tsunami in Japan, it was happened at Miyagi, about 400km from Tokyo, and also about the nuclear and radiation.

tenses ~ present tense, past tense, present and past perfect tense, present and past continous tense, examples of sentences.

ministery ~ minister of education, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yaasin, he is helped by two deputy ministers, Dato Dr Wee Ka Siong and Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi. The director of education of Kelantan state is Yb Hj Husin bin Awang.



Knock, knock, knock!

"Assalamualaikum, sirs."

Both of them nodded their heads, and one of them asked me to have my sit. I then obeyed him, and paid full concentration to them.

"Tell us about yourself."

"Peace be with you, sirs. I am officially known as Siti Maryam Jamilah bt Md Kamal. I was born on 11th of August 1993. My father was a teacher. My mother is still a teacher, and she'll follow my father's footstep by next year. I mean, my mother will be retired at the age 56 on 2012. I am from Pasir Mas but was schooling at Maahad Muhammadi (P) Kota Bharu."

"Which college?"

"Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan, sir."

"Oh, that islamic college?"

"Yes, that one. And the famous one."

Both of them nodded their heads, again.

"Why do u choose TESL?"

I put myself in a more comfortable situation, and started to start a nice conversation with my interviewers.

"Sir, have u ever heard about Usop Wilcha in Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah?"

"Yes, I've heard that name. Why? Are u answering my question?"

"Sir, in that film, that man did mention how important English education. So, if I have chance to learn and then educate person about English, why not?"

"It is just a joke, don't you know that?"

"No, sir. It is not. Every films of Mamat Khalid must be some hidden messages that he and his team try to deliver to us."

"You look well prepared with that answer. It seems that u knew that this question will be asked."

"It is not a crime sir to be well prepared."

One of them, gave me a weird glance. I felt awkward, then maybe I knew that maybe I should not say that.

Then I said nothing more, neither seek for their forgiveness for maybe acting over. I just gave them a grin. A sweet one.

"Okay then. What are you hobbies?"

"I love to talk, sir."


"Talk. I love talking, sir. Besides, I love to do reading and writing."

"What is your latest book that u write?"

"Er, sir. I do not write book. I just write something like, poems, letters to friends.."

"Then, what is the last book that u read?"

"Er, I don't remember. But now I am currently reading a book entitled Valentina Nervosa written by Nurul Syahida."

"Can you please tell us about that book?"

"Sure! But I just only can tell you till the chapter of sixteen, as I just start reading that book. Okay, this book is about a girl named Mariyyah that has kinda of a phobia during Valentine's Day. She was left by her boyfriend, Najmuddin during that day, so after that, VD is a very scary day for her. Valentina Nervosa is a phase created by her bestfriend, Soraya in order to describe what kind of phobia that Mariyyah is facing to."

"Does that val.. what kind of phase did u mention earlier?"

"Valentina nervosa, sir."

"Okay, whatever. Does that phase really exist?"

"In exact word, it is not. It is just created by Mariyyah's friend."

"So, it is not being used in English?"

"I guess not, sir."

"Oh, okay. How did u learn English?"

"Er ? I learned English at school, from teachers."

They stared at me in a very weird way. Then, I realized that I should not answer that question with such answer.

"Erm, sir. To be frank, you are not the first person ask me that question. And honestly, I don't know how to answer that. You know, it just... I love English. I admire this language well. I want to know more about this foreign language. I do not stop my learning process of English just in class room. When I go home, I read something in English. I watch TV in English...."

"Everybody watching TV." one of the interviewer hit me with his words without realizing his sentence had a grammatical error.

"EVERYBODY WATCHES TV, sir. But nowadays, people always have choices. Everybody watches TV, but not everybody prefer CSI. And even they prefer other English programmes, you can choose whether u want to watch the programmes with subtitles or not. The option is yours. Even cartoon may help your vocabulary, as long as it is in English."

That man nodded his head again, while his friend beside him, just smiled.

"Why do you want to be a teacher? You may be a lawyer, doctor, accountant..."

"Pardon me, sir? Doctor? Oh, can't u see my SPM results? How 'nice' it is?"

He quickly asked my SPM results from his partner while that man was looking onto my folder.

"Okay, okay. Let me tell you. I got 7A's with 4C's , and all the C's are the science subjects, plus Add Maths. 7A's with 4C's, okay! No B, sir. Not any! And still, can I be a doctor with such results?"

They laughed. Maybe the way I told them was too impressive.

I sat in a proper way in order to give myself a relieve. Personally, I was happy as there was no more nervous in me. Not at all !

"Okay, lady. U are done. Here, take your folder."

I was shocked. I thought that I just sat down a minute before, and we did some chatting, and just now, he said that I am done? That fast?!

"Er, I am done?" stood up and approached them, I asked.

"Yes, You are done. Thank you!"

"Tkank you very much, sir! Have a nice day!"


They smiled at me, sweetly. Ohhh, I will remember that smile forever! :)

And I went out of that room, with a very sweet smile. I was happy. And my friend told me that I had spent about 10 minutes inside there.

Er, 10 minutes? Kidding me! I felt just like a minute!!

Phew!!! =.-'

Thanks God. Everything went smoothly.

I did not have to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, neither to dance any type of dancing, nor to answer any weird and challenging questions.

Just imagine! No current issues, no tsunami questions, no request to make up sentence from any tense, not even a single question about education in Malaysia. No!

Just simple questions.. And I love that questions! :)

A huge thanks to Valentina Nervosa from Nurul Syahida. Without that book, maybe our conversation will be a boring one >.<

Ohhh. How I aprreciate this book! It is a bonus for me as the title sounds quite weird and kinda of English-ly :D

These were the 8 of us :)

Eight candidates for 8-11 am session. Automatically, they were members of my group :)

D 01F . It seems like DOIF, kan? :D

Ahha! Meet Teacher S. Maryam ! :)

Nice writing, ha? Yeah, not mine. But one of the interviewer's. Some of my friends from other groups had to write their names on their own. But as I've said earlier, my interviewers were nice persons, so they wrote the names for all of us. We just need to stick this name tag to our cloth :)

And this was my folder :)

Okay, the day that frightened me well, has passed! Alhamdulillah.

Seriously, I had a very great moments with all of them, today. With my new friends, with my ex schoolmates, and especially, with the interviewers! They were awesome!

Guys and girls, thanks for giving me such awesome experiences. Wish all of us all the best! :)

Wallahu'alam, wassalam~

p/s : Some interview tips for us. Don't be scared. It won't help. But just enjoy the interview session. Insya ALLAH, u will feel and be better. Cool, calm down, chill and keep smiling :)

Go, you, GO!! U can do it, people! Good luck! ;)

p/p/s : Ignore my grammatical errors, yar? I am a teacher-to-be, not a teacher yet. But feel free to tell me if you want to. Thanks for reading, dear! ;)

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qyqa said...

tahniah cik yam!!!!
cool gila ang jawab soalan depa...
suka suka..
aku rasa peluang ang nak dapat sangatlah cerah...
chaiyok chaiyok!!!!

Maryam Kamal said...

haha. as I've said earlier, bukan cool dah ni qyqa ooi! basah kuyup dah!!

haha. terang sangat siyhh! sampai bulb terbakar, terus jadik gelap :D

btw.. tengs for the support. and also for the msg :)

Shai Kamarudin said...

Dear Maryam,
I am so happy that you liked the book. May you be the greatest TESL teacher ever and teach em all the importance of "english edyukayshennn". ^^

Nurul Syahida

iejay Zakaria said...
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iejay Zakaria said...

i'm reading this entry after come across the link from nurul syahida entry at her facebook...

a very nice interview session you had..

when i'm having my interview session for my current job about 6 years ago... the interviewer was only chit-chatting and ask non related question to the job like do i watch akedemi fantasia that time, do i vote for the contestant...
and guess what... I've got the job...

so i guess your chances is very high that you will get the course... Good Luck...

Maryam Kamal said...


I never thought that the authress of VN will read this post. It is shameful for not praising too much here abt that book! :D

Kak Shai (will that okay with u?),
thanks for dropping by. also for the wishes :)

kak eijay (hope u are fine with this! :D ),
so what were your answers? how abt this latest AF session? :D

and, thanks!

people, HUGE of thankssss! :)

Maryam Kamal said...

sorry. it supposed to be kak IEJAY right? bukan EIJAY. sorry, my bad

(,") (",)