Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Majulah belia untuk negara!

Assalamualaikum wbt.

*suddenly I feel like... I want to use English here! May I? ngee! :D*

As usual, during my free time, I do blogwalking to some blogs that publish latest posts from their authors. 

I went to a blog that owned by one of the famous authress in Malaysia, then I found a video.
Recorded by a very dedication young man named Anwar Hadi.
So, I checked him out on Youtube, or YT (as he said) and I found few vids from him.

From few sites that I could reach,
I found out that he's a Kedahan that further his study in Sydney, for his 2nd and 3rd year degree of TESL, as he was a TESL stud at IPG Penang, if I'm not mistaken.

What makes me comfortable to keep watching his vids is,
his honesty in delivering us messages thru his vids is obvioulsy can be seen.
He's not flirting with girls,
or trying to be a romeo or so-called nice boy.
He is very focus in attracting people to stay and watch his vids, also to take the points that he tries to give.

And, trust me!
Lisa Surihani is one of his vids' viewers!

That's what our georgeous Lisa tweeted about his vids.

Congrates, bro!

Frankly talking,
I admire this guy.
He talks with confident,
and that makes he looks so pure and honest in delivering messages to us in each of his vids.

His proficiency in English adores me!
The way he talks make me wonder,
do all the TESL studs talk in the same way?
And if yes,
I would like to be one of them.

Plus, I found that he is quite a pious young man.
It seems like he gonna to be safe in Sydney there,
because I am sure, he is walking in the right path to HIM.
Insya ALLAH, he's there with ALLAH bless.
So do we.
Insya ALLAH.

I admire this guy.
As I've said earlier,
I admire this guy as he is superb in English, and the noble intention that leads him to create his own channel in YT.
He wants Malaysians to think properly about certain latest topics that maybe some of us do not care at all.
I repeat, he wants Malaysians.

Not only Malay.
But Malaysians. 
Including Chinese and Indians.
And other races.
That's why he speaks English, I guess.

Because, if he only wants Malay to watch his vids,
why not he use his Kedah slanga, that as fluent as his English?

Ohhh my!
I wish I can speak English as fluent as I pronouncing Kelate words!

Strictly told here that,
I do admire his vids.
His profiency in English.
His noble intention.
But just that, okay?
No hidden agenda.


But if u insist to, please. But not here. ;)
Thank you.

So, just enjoy some of his vids that I think good and do impressing me.

These are not all of his vids.
I just take some which attract me well.

many infos and points taken from his vids.

I wonder,
is there any same characteristics of vid, but from woman?
Then, I remembered something.
*Ohh.. suara, aurat wanita! ;)*
I am proud to have a Malay young man like this AnwarHadi.
He is very determined and hardworking person.
I wish that more 'beneficial' teenagers of Malaysia will do the same thing like him.
I mean, do something that can help Malaysians to think smarter and do better.
In short phase, do something that can help Malaysia!
*actually, what I am bubbling about, ha? Pleaseee, say that u get me, okayyy? heheh*

ladies and gentlemen,
I am truly sorry if my English is bad.
I am very sure that might be many grammatical errors right here and there.
But I'm just trying to be a confident girl.
Learn from mistake, okay?

And please,
do tell me my mistakes!

Budiman dan budimanita,
enjoy the vids!
Just like me!

Yang baik jadikan teladan,
yang buruk, jadikan sempadan.

Majulah belia untuk negara!

Belia hari ini, pemimpin hari esok.


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ifazs said...

leh x ajar effa camner nk ltak image y comment lisa surihani tu.
lme dah cri tp x tau nk bt jgak.

i'm waiting.

Maryam Kamal said...

ooo.. imej tu?

haha. yam pun ambek drp album facebook AnwarHadi tu.

and still, tak reti2 lagi.. haha :D

ifazs said...

owh. kalau da reti nanti gtau effa fgak eh.

Maryam Kamal said...

insya ALLAH :)